Disgusting veep Kamala excites evil young anti-Semites attacking Israel for made-up `ethnic genocide'

The question of who is more repulsive and damaging to America – is it Democrat President Sleepy Joe Biden, or is it his no less abysmal veep Kamala Harris – remains an open one simply because the nasty duo is competing with one another in who can shock the public with a more appalling abomination.

From a decent person’s point of view, the clueless, senile Sleepy Joe might have at least one important “advantage” over his veep Kamala – to the extent that any of them could have anything “positive”.

That is the fact that Biden at least isn’t openly anti-Semitic.

Kamala, on the other hand – Holy Mother of God!

She seems to hate the guts of Israel and Israelis, probably the most prosecuted nation in history which came near to being exterminated in World War II.

‘Oh, my feelings are hurt by Israel’s right to exist and defend itself!’

Kamala and the rest of the wokeist, transgenderist, and Marxist gang whole-heartedly hate Israel because it dares stand for itself, it dares defend itself, it dares fight for its own survival – and it dares to be a staunch ally of the great old United States of America – the nation and power that we were before the “culture Marxist menace” assaulted our society.

Israel doesn’t stoop to the abominations of the modern-day Western Marxist perversion – that we must all be sensitive and genderless, yet rabid and vile wokeists who love both Communism and Islamism.

Veep Kamala has demonstrated her anti-Semitism, and, which is even more appalling for a normal American person, her support for nasty anti-Semitism among America’s youth who are brainwashed by Islamist terrorist and Marxist propaganda.

On Tuesday, Harris made an unpleasant surprise appearance at George Mason University in Virginia, in a political science class, supposedly to support voting rights and voter registration, The Daily Mail reported.

During a question-and-answer session after Kamala spoke, one female student declared her heart was being “hurt” by America’s military support to Israel because Israel in her view is committing “ethnic genocide and displacement of people.”

The brainwashed youngster also added that those same things “happened in America.”

She added that she is sure Harris is “aware of this.”

Of course, she is!

The wokeists are aware of their own made-up history and their “alternative facts, of course, they are.

‘Raise your truth’, not the real truth

During that entire tirade by the student, Kamala shockingly nodded her wokeist head in agreement.

She praised the student for raising the “issue” and encouraged her and other delusional young Marxists to raise “your voice, your perspective, your experience, your truth.”

Of course, that’s the typical Marxist propaganda horsesh*t.

Truth doesn’t exist – there’s only your own truth that you invent.

That’s what the German Nazis did, that’s what the Soviet Commies did – and look how that worked out for them.

Biden’s incompetent veep Kamala, however, came short of lashing out against Israel and expressing her anti-Semitism the way she might want to.

Instead, she claimed that America is still debating what should be “the right path” about Middle East policy, and that “nobody’s voice should be suppressed on that.”

Especially the voice of Islamist terrorism and pan-Arabic nationalism whose adherents would gladly slaughter every single Israeli if Israel ever lets its guard down and if America stops backing it.

But that doesn’t matter to the Marxists – they believe only their own truth.

And it’s an anti-Semitic one.

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