America has been gripped by an unprecedented, utterly monstrous level of anti-Americanism, wokeism, transgenderism, and just plain general Marxism under the administration of Democrat President Sleepy Joe Biden – much more so than it ever was under his Democrat predecessor Barak Obama where he served as a mostly ignored veep.

Then again, the Obama presidency might as well be counted as having set the stage for the even more disastrous Biden administration.

And one of the favorite things and top priorities of the wokeist Marxists running the Biden Cabinet in his senile stead is the completely unbridled illegal immigration in which illegals from around the world are allowed to just walk across the US border with Mexico in broad daylight and settle wherever they please inside America.

On top of that, any Border Patrol agents – who might not even be patriotic, and who are pushing back the illegal immigrants are getting vilified and attacked personally by the supposed president of the American republic.

Clearly, the Biden administration is staffed by much more radical wokeists and Marxists who just wish to resettle as much from the Third World people into the United States in order to secure countless future voters, terrorize true Americans, and grab power permanently so they can set up a far-left, communist-style totalitarian dictatorship.

Even the former icon of the American left, Barack Obama, has criticized that – and they’ve had him censored!

In an ABC News interview, Obama was talking about how Americans “naturally” are a nation “that wants to help others” which is why they tend to have compassion for people from around the world who are escaping from violence or calamities – there is no denying that!

Obama, however, went on to also say something else which is undeniable and which makes lots of sense.

Namely, that “we’re a nation-state” and that “we have borders”.

He then added that it is an “unsustainable” idea that the United States of America “can just have open borders”, even “as a practical matter.”

All of that got censored by ABC News as it wasn’t aired when the leftist TV station aired part from Obama’s interview, in which he went after the GOP for preventing the passage in Congress of a comprehensive immigration report bill.

In the aired segment, Obama also recalled how his administration granted temporary legal status to migrants from Haiti after the powerful earthquake which killed more than 200,000 people there in 2010.

Obama’s remarks about how “open borders” are a bad idea weren’t covered by the ABC World News Tonight as well, which focused on the groundbreaking for his highly controversial presidential library in Chicago.

The former Democrat president’s full comments were only featured in an online article based on his interview, where they appeared only in the 13th paragraph.

Censorship is one of the primary weapons of the liberal-leftist Marxists, and censoring their own kind such as Obama is clearly not a problem for them – they are power-thirsty and have no morals to keep them from doing that.