The liberalist leftist wokeists and Marxists dominating the Biden administration are scoring huge successes in the execution of their plan to settle America with as many people from the Third World as possible by completely erasing the US-Mexican border.

Some 30,000 illegal immigrants originally from Haiti have already crossed into the United States, and despite some tough talk by the Biden administration that they will be deported, the overwhelming majority of them have just been released in the US interior to settle as they please.

The illegals in question are notable because they didn’t arrive directly from their home country as the immigrants from Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, or Honduras, for example.

Instead, the Haitians in question already had asylum in Chile, the wealthiest country in Latin America, and in Brazil, and already had jobs and pretty comfortable lives there – and many of them have made it clear that they’ve left for the United States simply because they saw an opening – thanks to the Biden administration!

115,000 Haitian illegals

The foreign minister of Panama, a Central American country en route of the Haitian illegals from Chile and Brazil, has now issued a very chilling warning for the US in an interview for Axios.

Erika Mouynes made it clear that another 85,000 illegal Haitians are headed America’s way.

The illegal immigrant math goes as follows – since the start of 2021 when Joe Biden occupied the White House, a total of 85,000 Haitians have crossed Panama, according to Mouynes.

Of those, 30,000 have already crossed into the US.

However, those are being “offset” by another 30,000 Haitians waiting in Colombia to cross into Panama, and then head to the US – for a total of 115,000.

Panama’s foreign minister didn’t have to say it because it is self-explanatory but she did state that her belief is “they all are heading toward the US.”

She claimed that the Panamanian government has “engaged with every single authority” over the matter.

“Please, let’s pay attention to this,” Mouynes declared.

Haitians dare the Darien Gaps thanks to Biden’s enticement

She is concerned because in their trip from South America to the United States – encouraged by Joe Biden and his wokeist gang – the illegal Haitians are going through the Darien Gap, a dangerous, hard-to-traverse jungle area at the Colombia – Panama border.

The Panamanian diplomat express her shock that a meeting in August between senior government officials from South America, Mexico, the US, and Canada to address the illegal immigration hadn’t happened much earlier.

Mouynes urged much more frequent meetings with the US officials on the issue, and insisted that “the regional approach is the correct approach”.

She further explained how the Haitian illegals are “malnourished” and their “children are in terrible condition” when they arrive in Panama after crossing the Darien Gap – so it takes the government of Panama a long time to “get them up to a healthy state.”

That is all thanks to the temptation to go to America created single-handedly by Sleepy Joe Biden and the radical Marxist gang that runs his administration for the sole purpose of establishing a far-left totalitarian regime in the United States.