Sickening individuals on the far left, who suffer from a hypocrisy pathology such as New York Democrat congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, just love to use the illegal immigrant children as a tool in their nasty political posturing as they pretend to care about the plight of “the masses”, while in fact, as any true Marxist out there they despise the common folk.

Of course, the Democrat likes of AOC were overwhelmingly concerned about the children of illegal immigrants being held supposedly under bad conditions in inadequate detention facilities when President Donald Trump was in the White House.

But now that the presidency has been occupied by one of their own in the face of senile and clueless Joe Biden who has heeded to the far left by completely opening America’s borders to for Third World settlers to serve the vicious Marxists’ anti-American agenda – the concern for illegal immigrant kids has evaporated from the nasty hypocrite brains of AOC and her kind.

Never mind that now there are many times more illegal immigrant children in migration facilities as the Biden administration has managed to boost the number of illegals coming in to some 200,000 per month in the last four months, and to some 1 million overall since Sleepy Joe occupied the White House.

Where are Biden, Harris, Psaki, and AOC?

That horrendous duplicity was the reason GOP Senator from Texas Ted Cruz exposed AOC and the links in a call with Fox News, directly “challenging” them to go visit and be indignant over the “Biden cages” of migrant children – a reference to the “Trump cages” that the wokeist Democrats so pathetically lamented until recently.

Cruz said his challenge wasn’t just for Ocasio-Cortez but also for Biden himself and for his incompetent veep Kamala Harris.

He told them to “come down to the Biden cages now” especially since those are “bigger and more full” than anything under Trump.

Cruz argued that America should now see AOC “cry in front of the Biden cages”.

Or see Biden or Harris or the equally repugnant White House press secretary Jen Psaki stand before the Biden cages and claim that “there is no border crisis.”

Cruz then declared that “they are lying” and that the propaganda machines known as “the media” are covering up their lies.

He described this whole wokeist arrangement in question as “incredibly cynical and wrong.”

The outspoken GOP Senator was speaking after visiting the US – Mexican border near the road bridge in Del Rio, Texas, where now dozens of thousands of illegal immigrants from Haiti have waltzed into the United States and allowed to settle in the country just like that by the wokeist “warriors” of the Biden administration.

AOC’s fake and crocodile tears on the road

In his call for AOC and the rest of her Marxist gang to go down to the Biden cages of migrant children and cry before them, Cruz was referring to an incident in 2019 when Ocasio-Cortez retweeted photos of herself seemingly pretend-crying during a border visit.

At first, AOC was accused of crying in a parking lot but the photographer who took the images said she cried on a road leading to a migrant camp, and not in front of the “Trump cages” that she made up.

And she was also seemingly fake-crying and crying crocodile tears as she loved the cheap, sensationalist publicity that she carved for herself with that.

Of course, as Ted Cruz has remarked AOC, Biden, Kamala, Psaki are nowhere to be seen near the much bigger and fuller “Biden cages” of migrant kids whose existence is due solely to them inviting the whole Third World to settle in America.