Gen. Mark Milley, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, has already been exposed as an utter disgrace.

Actually, he exposed himself when he disclosed in the book entitled “Peril” by Washington Post reporters Robert Costa and Bob Woodward that on January 8, 2021, he called his Chinese counterpart behind the back of then-President Donald Trump.

In that call, Milley humiliated America in so many ways, including by lambasting democracy as “messy”, and by warning the Chinese that Trump might want to nuke them in the last days of his presidency but that he won’t be allowed to.

As the revelations sparked a giant public outrage, Milley tried to justify his despicable actions in testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee earlier this week by claiming that other members of the Trump administration – though certainly not the president himself – knew about his treacherous, back-stabbing call to “report” to the Chinese Communist Party.

President Donald Trump has already declared Milley to be a “nutjob” and his actions to be “treason.”

In a statement reacting to his chaotic congressional testimony, Trump also said Milley was a “woke television general” and that America would keep losing as it just lost the war in Afghanistan if its generals are like him.

Treasonous Milley

Speaking in an interview with The Jason Rantz Show on KTTH on Thursday, Trump elaborated further on his righteous criticism of the notorious Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

The 45th President of the United States stressed that China was far more afraid of his economic policies which cracked down on Beijing’s ability to take advantage of America – than it might have been of him potentially ordering a military strike.

He declared that Milley had no right of getting involved and tell China “don’t worry, things will be fine” – because that was sabotage that was “not good” and “not appropriate”.

Trump said once again that the actions of the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff were treasonous because he as the president “didn’t know about” the telephone conversation with China, and he is in fact “the one that’s supposed to know about it.”

POTUS 45 then went on to reveal more about Milley’s personal character, explaining that the general was frightened to come and speak with him.

“He was a weak sister,” Trump declared, elaborating that he discovered through their interaction how Milley was a “weak man.”

‘Regardless of anything’

Trump cited a great albeit abysmal example of his description of Milley: namely, the completely devastating US withdrawal from Afghanistan ordered by Biden but in which the general played a central role.

Adding to that, Trump once again exposed the lies of the Biden administration and personally of Sleepy Joe as the latter has kept blaming his predecessor’s deal with the Taliban.

The 45th president emphasized how his deal with the Taliban “was all condition-based”, and would never have resulted in a total surrender of the greatest power on earth to some rag-wearing sheep-herding fanatics.

Trump then rightfully added that “regardless of anything”, a leader in his right mind would remove the military first, and not last, after all civilians have been evacuated.