Who is Kyrsten Sinema, bisexual senator who gave Trump a standing ovation and who seems to be blocking Bidens calls?

Crypto-communists, the far-left Marxists increasingly dominating the Democratic Party are trying to utilize their control of Congress by passing gigantic Soviet Union-style state spending bills.

First was the pandemic package entitled “American Families Plan” of $1.9 trillion passed shortly after Joe Biden occupied the White House, and now there is the supposedly bipartisan $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill and the moronically named “Build Back Better” social spending bill calling for a whopping $3.5 trillion dollars in federal spending of taxpayer dollars – primarily pork-barrel spending benefiting the Democrat legislators.

In fact, the third piece – excessive as it is – was supposed to be worth the mind-blowingly devastating amount of $6 trillion – according to one of its sponsors, deranged communist Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont.

Some Dems with common sense

Luckily, the radical far-leftists, “progressives” and other America haters won’t be able to pass the $3.5 trillion dollar bill – thanks to some faces left in the Democratic Party who still possess common sense.

While there are rumors that opposition to the outrageous Build Back Better bill is more widespread, only two Democrat Senators have opened declared themselves against the overly excessive spending: Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona.

While the former is well-known as a “conservative Democrat”, the latter has become the main focus of the far left’s outrage over the progressives’ failure to get the $3.5 trillion abomination through the Senate where even under the budget reconciliation procedure, which provides for a simple majority, the Democrats need every single one of their 50 Senators to be on board, plus the tie-breaking vote of Vice President Kamala Harris.

Apparently, Sinema, who is known as a highly intelligent but bizarre personality, is now being begged personally by Joe Biden to give her conditions that she might demand in exchange for voting for the gigantic bill.

This much has been revealed by Ro Khanna, a “progressive” member of the House, who told CNN that “the president keeps begging her” to “tell us what you want.”

According to Khanna, neither the progressives nor the moderate Democrats have any idea about Sinema’s demands.

This and much more has led many to describe the 45-year-old divorced Senator from Arizona, who has come out as bisexual – the only known bisexual woman to have been elected to the Senate, as “enigmatic.”

Nobody knows her ‘number’

Sinema is known for touting her personal story of growing up in an impoverished Mormon family that spent years living in an abandoned gas station in Florida.

During the pandemic, she started wearing colorful wigs because she was unable to have her hair dyed.

Among other things, she is known as the only Democrat who snubbed Kamala Harris’ dinner with other female senators, and for inviting GOP members to jog with her around the US Capitol.

Over the years, Sinema has transformed from a very liberal activist into a notably moderate Democrat, so much so that during President Donald Trump’s State of the Union address she even gave him a standing ovation when he lauded GOP Senator Tim Scott for his work on opportunity zones.

At present, Sinema has not only declared to Biden and the progressives that she isn’t going to support the insane $3.5 trillion spending package – and she hasn’t even revealed a number that she might support!

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