A total of $6.3 billion in federal funding for the resettlement in the US of tens of thousands of Afghans evacuated from Afghanistan due to the catastrophic withdrawal of US troops carried out by Sleepy Joe Biden was just approved by Congress.

More than 60,000 Afghans have been brought to American soil by the US military in order to save them retribution by the Taliban, the radical Islamist terrorists installed back in power by Joe Biden and his Marxist administration gang after America spent 20 years fighting them.

One of our priorities

The catch, however, is that while the evacuees were supposed to be Afghans who have worked for the US military or other US entities in the past 20 years, only 3% of the 60,000 – or about 1,800 people – are actual holders of US Special Immigration Visas, an actual testimony to their eligibility to be brought to America.

What happened instead is that in the utter chaos of the frantic last-minute evacuation, the US planes were loaded with whoever managed to make it to Kabul airport – regardless of whether they ever helped the United States or not.

And now the American taxpayer is footing the bill, a hefty one, for the resettlement of primarily random Afghans and turning them into American citizens – who, as “people of color” and being of Third World origin will be claimed by the Democrats as their natural, default electorate.

Besides the $6.3 billion in federal resettlement funding for those Afghans, more than $114 million is already being spent on their subsistence in the refugee camps in the US.

On top of everything, the resettlement funds for the random Afghans transported to America by the moronic administration of Joe Biden are proving to be among the very top priorities of the US government.

This much is clear since they were included in the so-called stopgap bill passed by both chambers of Congress on Thursday and sent immediately to Biden’s desk for a signature in order to prevent in the last minute a shutdown of the federal government.

The House voted 254-175 and the Senate voted 65-35, with some Republican support, to adopt the short-term funding bill which will keep the US government running until December 3 while a debt ceiling compromise is being hammered out.

Don’t worry, more Afghans are coming!

You might think that some $6.5 billion is a hefty bill for the US taxpayer to support the resettlement of some 60,000 mostly random Afghans in America.

However, that’s not all on that front.

The Biden administration has made it clear that it expects another “upwards of 95,000 refugees” from Afghanistan to be brought to America over the course of the next year as a result of the apocalyptic withdrawal.

How is that for a withdrawal result?

More Third World people for the US population and more voters for the wokeist, transgenderist Marxist and other radicals taking over the Democratic Party!

That way the Biden administration will have brought single-handedly some 150,000 people straight from Central Asia - after it has already attracted more than 1 million illegal immigrants from Central America and Mexico, and is now boosting the numbers with dozens of thousands of illegal Haitians who already had nice lives in Chile and Brazil but thought they might as well settle in the United States because what’s stopping them?

The only unknown in the Biden administration’s wokeist immigration equation is when that might lead to some kind of implosion inside the United States.