The more radical leftist Democrats in Congress and the Biden administration are fighting “like hell” in order to get to enjoy the pork-barrel spending of some close to $5 trillion dollars of taxpayer money, for the time being, their efforts to legalize that have been stalled by some common sense moderates, plus the adamant opposition of the Republican Party.

The greedy progressives are devastated

The frustration among the overwhelming majority of radicals in the Democratic Party is just as gigantic as the spending bills they are trying to pass simply because they could already see themselves enjoying the fruits of the giant communist squandering of taxpayer money.

This much was clearly conveyed on Saturday by Democrat President Sleepy Joe Biden, after on Thursday House Speaker, liberal leftist royalty Nancy Pelosi, put off putting the $1.2 billion infrastructure bill to a vote simply because she hadn’t secured enough votes among her own party.

That has played out against the backdrop of two key Democrat Senators, conservative Democrat Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona, who declared that there is no way they would back the giant $3.5 trillion Commie-style social spendings.

“Everybody´s frustrated,” Sleepy Joe Biden told reporters on Saturday as he was departing the White House by helicopter to spend the weekend at his home in Delaware.

He added that being frustrated is “part of being in government” but it was clear that as good and righteous crypto-Communists, the dominant “progressive”, far-left wing of the Democratic Party has been drooling all the possibility of squandering several trillion dollars on pork-barrel spending, and is getting crazy to lay its greedy hands upon all that taxpayer cash.

The radical Marxists’ avarice is obviously eating them alive from within because there is even more at stake – many of the “progressives” are hoping to use all that pork-barrel spending in order to perpetuate their being in power, with their ultimate, longer-term goal in mind, which is crushing today’s America and replacing it with a far-left totalitarian dictatorship.

Having already been beaten back, Biden on Saturday refused to set out a deadline for the passage of the two bills.

On Friday, after Thursday’s defeat, Biden went to the Capitol to hold a private meeting with Democrat members of the House in order to “boost their morale.”

The Sleepy Realist

According to reports, Biden even proposed to cut the massive $3.5 trillion spending bill with the idiotic name of “Build Back Better” down to a total of $2.3 trillion – just in order to make it passable in Congress.

After all, getting to squander $2 trillion is better than getting to squander nothing.

Of course, $3.5 trillion is even better…

Nevertheless, the House “progressives” in the Democrat Party are so outrageously greedy that they are refusing to vote for the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill – presented as bipartisan because it was negotiated and backed by some GOP members in the Senate – if the $3.5 trillion Build Back Better bill isn’t passed in full.

Biden told reporters, however, that he is a “realist” – albeit a severely disoriented senile one – and knows how legislation is passed – apparently referring to all of his sausage-making, dirty political experience – and that “there’s no reason” not to pass both bills.

As Sleepy Joe thus made it clear, the Democrats, especially the dominating “progressive wing” will fight to the death in order to grab hold of all those trillions of taxpayer money and apportion it as they please.

Hopefully, some forces of sense and goodwill manage to resist what would be tremendous damage to America if the radical Marxists get their way.