There have always been well-founded suspicions that the American liberal leftists are crypto-Communists, secret admirers of the hell that was the Soviet Union.

That also explains many leftists’ admiration for communist China, Cuba, Venezuela and other similar anti-human anti-utopias with zero freedom and with all-out totalitarian control of human lives and fates by a hyper-rich cleptocratic regime elite.

This has been proven now once again by Democrat President Sleepy Joe Biden who has nominated for Comptroller of the Currency an individual named Saule Omarova, an evident hardcore communist born in the Soviet Union and educated in Moscow on a “Lenin” scholarship.

How did America even come to that: to appoint a Soviet communist to regulate American banks, a person who might as well be a Russian secret agent, or just a “useful idiot” as per Lenin’s definition, who would help evil such as communism destroy America for free, just out of the useful idiot’s convictions.

Why do they go to the ‘rotten West’ if they love communism and Russia so much?!

Omarova, a law professor at Cornell University – which also makes us wonder why it is that pathetic, vicious Marxists are educating America’s youth – has been officially tapped by the Biden White House as the new head of the “Office of the Comptroller of the Currency” (OCC).

Omarova, who is of Kazakh origin, hasn’t shied away from praising the Soviet Union and its “financial system”, to the extent that it even had a financial system worthy of the name.

If approved, the seemingly ardent Commie would become the first non-white individual and the first woman to lead the OCC since the agency was set up 158 year ago – and the first Commie.

The OCC is an independent body within Treasury Department, and has a staff of some 3,500.

It determines bank policies on more traditional mergers and acquisitions as well digital trade.

Omarova was born in the Kazakh Socialist Soviet Republic of the former Soviet Union.

She graduated in 1989 from Moscow State University on a scholarship named Vladimir Lenin, the Soviet leader and one of the greatest mass murderers in history.

She moved to the US in 1991, and received a Ph.D. at the University of Wisconsin and a law degree from Northwestern University.

It is always extremely bizarre when communism-lovers and Russia-lovers move to the United States, to the “rotten West”, as communist propaganda has always had it.

There might be only two reasons for that – seeking to benefit financially from the West, and seeking to sabotage and destroy it from within.

One wonders what reasons led Soviet Union lover Omarova to come to America.

She wants to ‘end banking’ in America

Omarova’s nomination by the clueless Sleepy Joe Biden has quickly alarmed US banking groups – why wouldn’t they be when the president of the United States is getting a vile Comrade to determine the fate of the American banking system.

She has previously called for transferring the financial accounts of Americans from private banks to the Federal Reserve, and for forcing the bank to become “non-depository lenders”.

That is included in a paper that Omarova updated in February 2021 under the title “The People’s Ledger” – and she happily argued that her proposed reform “will end banking as we know it.”

In a 2019 documentary called “Aholes: A Theory,” Omarova described Wall Street’s culture as a “quintessential ahole industry.”

That same year she also tweeted praise for the “old USSR” because “there was no gender pay gap there.”

There also was no freedom and there were concentration camps – but, hey, who’s focusing on the small stuff, right!?

Thank you, Biden!!