Democrat President Sleepy Joe Biden and the Marxist gang that’s running his administration is going all the way with its incredibly vicious wokeism commanding it to settle as many Third World people as possible in the United States!

Biden’s Department of Homeland Security run by the utterly incompetent wokeist Alejandro Mayorkas has new guidelines which provided that having entered the US illegally cannot be used as the sole reason for an illegal immigrant’s deportation.

Perfidious new rules

The new directions are advertised by the DHS as letting officers to start deportations even without a supervisor’s approval.

However, they also encourage them to consider a broad range of factors before they make the decision to expel anyone.

The guidance authored by DHS head Mayorkas declared that the fact that a person “is a removable noncitizen” cannot “alone be the basis” for deportation.

It adds that the Department of Homeland Security is going to use better its “discretion” and will “focus our enforcement resources in a more targeted way” for the sake of “justice and our country’s well-being.”

What a load of hypocritical horsesh*t straight out of Mayorkas’ mouth – under the guise of pretending to care for “our country” and for “justice” – whatever the hell those notions might mean for the Marxists!

The DHS is pretending to have instituted a better and “more targeted” approach to deportations, allowing officers autonomy and empowering them to take into account many factors but the fact of the matter is that it is limiting deportations severely because being illegally in the US isn’t sufficient anymore to get you kicked out!

The new guidelines by Mayorkas are to take effect as of November 29 – and they say that agents will be able to determine whether deportation of an illegal immigrant is warranted by the severity of the crime, the presence of a weapon, or a criminal record.

And the new rules add a whole bunch of conditions preventing potential deportation – including if an illegal immigrant is a farmworker, or of an “advanced age”, or a provider or caregiver, or how long they’ve been in the US!

In the deportation rules in place since February 18, officers of Immigrations and Customs Enforcement had to receive the approval of the department before deportation could be ordered to guarantee that they followed the rules.

In July, the Biden administration already limited deportations of illegals by excluding pregnant, post-partum, and nursing women.

As many illegals as possible

The Biden administration has already made sure that the US has received over 1 million illegal immigrants from Mexico and Central America so far this year.

It has also brought some 60,000 migrants from Afghanistan, expected to grow to 150,000 over the next year.

On top of that, 30,000 illegal Haitians from Chile and Brazil have already crossed into the US, and another 85,000 are on the way.

The Marxists are seeking to populate America with Third World “people of color” in order to turn them into Democrat voters while terrorizing American patriots so they can manage to establish a vicious far-left wokeist totalitarian dictatorship.