Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller, the highly decorated US Marine commander who has taken to social media to lambast the devastating incompetence of the Biden administration over the completely botched withdrawal from Afghanistan is being kept in solitary confinement cell typically reserved for murderers!

Coming after the Biden administration comes at a high price apparently – otherwise, why would an outstanding US Marine with 17 years of service be jailed as a killer while he awaits a trial for potentially having broken the chain of command?

Kept as a murderer or child molester?

The brave US Marine appears to be nothing short of an actual political prisoner jailed by the Biden regime whose sole purpose is to crush America.

Luckily, Scheller’s sacrifice – who was aware that he might be dismissed and stripped of all benefits such as retirement and medical but still chose to speak out – hasn’t gone unnoticed.

More than $2 million dollars have been raised for Scheller’s legal defense and to help with expenses of his wife and three sons, with more than 26,000 Americans donating to support this courageous US Marine with the highest sense of moral integrity!

40-year-old Scheller was arrested on Monday for defying a gag order to stop posting content on social media where he has been criticizing the Afghanistan withdrawal and has been calling for the resignations of Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley and Biden’s Defense Secretary Llyod Austin.

The Marine commander has since been thrown in the brig of Camp Lejeune before he makes his first appearance in court next week.

The brig where Scheller is kept in solitary confinement is typically reserved for suspected child molesters or murderers, according to a source familiar with the case, as cited by The Daily Mail.

The Marine’s father, Stuart Scheller Sr., has said he thinks his son will not be released from the imprisonment simply because “they want to keep his mouth shut.”

In his words, the Biden administration has come under fire from countless people across America over the humiliating capitulation to the Taliban in Afghanistan.

A political prisoner?

Cathy Scheller, Marine’s mother, declared she was wondering how there could be political prisoners in America – but since this is Biden’s America, dominated by the far-left Marxists, apparently it can be.

The mother can’t understand how it is possible for Lt. Col. Scheller to be kept in such harsh conditions considering he hasn’t harmed anyone.

But he has – he has harmed the lies told by the Biden administration and the propaganda leftist media that serve it.

The fundraiser for Scheller was organized by the Pipe Hitter Foundation, which itself was founded by Navy Seal Eddie Gallagher.

In no time, it has received donations from more than 26,000 people for a total of $2,081,913 for Scheller’s family and legal defense.

Meanwhile, no fewer than 36 members of the US Congress led by Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) have signed a letter demanding that Scheller be released immediately.

Gohmert has described the Marine Lt. Col.’s imprisonment as being designed by the Biden administration “for messaging, retribution, and convenience.”

That is exactly the case.

But as long as there are US service members like Scheller and Americans like the 26,000 who have donated to support him, the radical leftist liars and incompetents such as those from the Biden Administration are in grave trouble.