At the end of last week, bickering among themselves, the Democrats in Congress failed to get ahead on passing either the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill supported by some Republicans in the Senate, or the super gigantic $3.5 trillion social spending package, which is Sleepy Joe Biden’s plan called “Bring Back Better”.

A vote in the House on the former was expected on Thursday but wasn’t even held for lack of votes as the vile leftist Marxist progressives in the Democratic Party threatened to boycott it unless both are passed, while in the Senate two Democrats with some common sense and dignity – Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona – have made it clear they are not going to support the latter.

Even $6 trillion was too little, did you know?

Needless to say, the vast majority of the Democrats, and in particular the vicious far-left progressives are keen to pass the $4.7 trillion in total in order to enjoy the vast amount of pork-barrel spending of taxpayer dollars.

That is why the failure to achieve consensus on how best to rob the American people as much as possible in order to squander their money at will has come as such a shocker, outraging almost all Democrats, including the Sleepy Joe Biden president who was awake long enough to state that was all very frustrating.

Impudent vile communist, Bernie Sanders, the Soviet Union-loving Vermont Democrat Senator posing as an independent, on Sunday went even further by defending his original design for the “Build Back Better” legislation, which envisaged the bill would be worth the mind-blowing $6 trillion!

Being a true communist in the tradition of the Soviet robbers who steal everything when they take over a country, Sanders told “This Week” on ABC News that even the $6 trillion version of the plan was “probably too little” whereas the present $3.5 trillion price tag “should be a minimum.”

Imagine the cheek of these outspoken, unabashed Commies – trillions and trillions and trillions of dollars paid by the US taxpayer that they wish to just toss out there, with the only certain effect being of benefiting their thieving political selves.

‘The people want it’, etc

Pathetic Commie Sanders then said he accepted that even the “minimum” option would be slashed by some “give and take”.

He claimed, however, that “poll after poll shows” that “the American people wants” precisely what the Democratic Party is doing and proposing, and that the gigantic spending the liberal leftist Marxists want to pass in Congress will only benefit the people and not “the big money interest” or “the lobbyists.”

How did Sanders exactly come up with that allegation – one can never know – other than him being a lying, conniving Soviet-type communist.

As he emitted large quantities of spittle, Sanders declared that “we’re going to win this thing” since the American people supposedly are “very, very strongly” on the Democrats’ side in their desire to squander ginormous sums of taxpayer money.

That is, of course, the argument that Marxists-Communists always make about everything – from vast state theft, to giant state spending, to revolutionary mass murder, and to gulag concentration camps to crush any dissent.

That’s the kind of horrifying thing that American “progressives” have cooking for the United States.