President Donald Trump hasn’t officially declared yet whether he will run for the presidency once again in the 2024 election – although he has hinted to that very strongly numerous times.

Although he is widely considered, the absolute, indisputable favorite for the 2024 GOP nomination, a number of other worthy potential GOP candidates have been mentioned, with Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis somewhat standing out.

‘He’d drop out’

Next weekend, President Trump is set for a rally in Iowa, the state which votes first in the presidential primaries.

Ahead of that, he has decided to comment on the possibility of facing Ron DeSantis for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination.

His comments have come in an interview to Yahoo Finance due to published on Monday, with some excerpts released on Sunday.

They made clear Trump’s expectation that most if not all Republican nomination contenders would drop out of the GOP race if he announces that he will run for the presidency.

“I’d beat him,” Trump stated when asked what would happen if he actually has to compete with DeSantis.

“I don’t think I will face him,” the 45th President of the United States declared with respect to a potential rival bid by Florida’s popular governor, adding that “I think he would drop out.”

Nonetheless, Trump stressed that if he had to face DeSantis anyway “I’d beat him like I would beat everyone else.”

While the Florida governor’s popularity has been skyrocketing, he doesn’t seem to be anywhere near Trump’s wide-ranging national appeal, who would have been a two-term president for sure had it not been for the bewildering emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic with its negative effects on public opinion, not to mention some lingering doubts over the 2022 presidential election.

DeSantis has sought to dispel 2024 bid rumors

Being aware that he doesn’t seem to stand a chance against Trump, and that his bid against POTUS 45 would be a waste of GOP energy, DeSantis told Fox News last week that he wasn’t considering “anything beyond doing my job.”

He said he was going to run for reelection as governor of the state of Florida in 2022, and that he is working on “a lot of stuff in the state.”

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump has been making stronger and stronger hints that he is bidding for the presidency once again in 2024.

In his last interview to Fox News, he said that he doesn’t think “we’re going to have a choice” other than him running again.