Considering how much the radical Marxist left dominating the Democratic Party has to gain from the $4.7 trillion of taxpayer dollars in pork-barrel spending, which is being blocked by the two moderate Democrat senators, Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin, did you think they would be left alone?

Did you think they wouldn’t be ambushed and harassed by liberal leftist activist “storm troopers” and foot soldiers of Marxism so they would give up the last remaining positions of common sense, decency, and integrity that might be left in the Democratic Party?

Vile young Marxists who stand to benefit a lot from park barrel squandering of trillions and trillions and trillions of US taxpayer dollars have become especially rabid after at the end of last week the liberal leftist empress of the House, Nancy Pelosi, canceled a vote on the $1.2 trillion infrastructure package already approved by the Senate in a bipartisan vote.

Pelosi was forced to cancel it because the greedy far left refused to back it as Joe Biden’s $3.5 trillion communist social spending bill called “Build Back Better” hasn’t been passed yet by either chamber of Congress.

The reason for that is largely precisely the opposition by moderate Democrat Senators, Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona, who have spoken out against such a gigantic and unnecessary spending spree.

As a result, Sinema has been ambushed and harassed in a bathroom at Arizona State University where she teaches, which Manchin was besieged on his houseboat in Washington, DC, by water-borne hecklers – as testified by cell phone videos proudly shared by the Marxist Nazi foot soldiers!

This is “democracy” by the standards of the American Marxist-Communist far left allied with Big Tech!

Should any elected American lawmaker dare to think and behave independently, she or he will be terrorized, first in person and then online on social media, by obnoxious, vicious storm trooper activists with a nauseating sense of entitlement, and mandate to enforce the official party line of the de facto “CPUS” (Communist Party of the United States) now increasingly modeled after the “CPSU” (Communist Party of the Soviet Union) – except with cell phones.

Ambushed in the toilet while peeing

One video shows Sen. Kyrsten Sinema harassed by immigration activists at Arizona State University who followed her from the classroom to the bathroom and kept filming and heckling her while she locked the door and “did her business” in there.

One of those speaking to her claimed to be a human trafficking survivor, while the other was an illegal immigrant from Mexico name Blanca – called “undocumented person” in the newspeak of the Biden regime – demanding with a nasty sense of entitlement that Sinema supports Biden’s $3.5 trillion nightmare spending and that it include a “pathway to citizenship”.

All of that because Blanca’s grandfather died in Mexico and she could go.

GOP Florida Rep. Matt Gaetz reacted on Twitter to the video with a rather appropriate hashtag #DeportBlanca.

Imagine that: an illegal immigrant who shouldn’t even be in our country is attacking a US Senator in a bathroom while the latter is peeing to demand that the lawmaker vote to give that illegal American citizenship!!?

Ambushed on boat

Sen. Joe Manchin, a self-declared conservative Democrat from West Virginia, hasn’t been spared either.

He was ambushed on the houseboat in which he lives while in Washington, DC by a group of far-left activist kayakers who have filmed themselves shouting at him to support the $3.5 trillion spending spree package of Joe Biden – for which Manchin has said he could support $1.5 trillion at most.

One particularly nasty Marxist foot soldier can be heard yelling at Manchin “this isn’t spending, this is an investment!”

Because of course, it is: an investment into turning America into the Soviet Union on steroids.