Increasingly senile Democrat President Sleepy Joe Biden is growing bigger and bigger on major international diplomacy gaffs by the day – and one of the top recent achievements in his collection in that regard is the total alienation of long-term US ally in NATO, France, after the US and the UK supplanted it in a submarine deal with Australia.

Apparently, however, Biden, whose situational and non-situational awareness – or just his awareness of any kind – seems to be practically non-existent – had no idea that France was being screwed over by the actions of the US government under the administration that bears his name.

What transpired!

This much has been revealed by John Kerry, another abjectly failed Democrat, the former Secretary of State who is now the climate change envoy of the Biden administration.

As Kerry was due to meet with French President Emmanuel Macron, he gave an interview to French channel BFMTV in which he disclosed that Biden simply didn’t know.

That’s right: Biden didn’t even know that the newly formed AUKUS alliance featuring a major deal for nuclear submarines supplied to Australia by the US and the UK was stepping on France’s toes big time as the latter had had its own large-scale submarine deal with the Aussies.

Biden’s climate envoy Kerry bluntly stated that the senile Democrat president of the United States “literally had not been aware of what had transpired.”

The former Secretary of State then elaborated that “my president” is really committed to solidifying the America – France relationship and to guaranteeing the major time screw-over for France remains “a small event of the past.”

While the notion that such a monetary loss of about $40 billion and the major diplomatic humiliation could ever be considered a “small matter” by the French is stunning, what’s even more bewildering is why Kerry thought it might be a good idea to reveal to the world that Biden isn’t really aware of anything!

Is he hoping that France would forgive America because Sleepy Joe was, well, asleep?

Kerry then went on to say that Biden asked him about the submarine deal – “and I told him.”

He clarified that Biden asked him, “What’s the situation?”, and that he (Kerry) explained it to him because “he had not been aware of that.”

‘Opsy. Sorry, Frenchies, Sleepy Joe didn’t know!

What the bloody hell is going on over here, really?

What kinds of brain-dead zombies are staffing the Biden administration?

First, America completely screws over long-term ally France – without even thinking of maybe somehow including it in the AUKUS alliance – or at least informing it about it – so that Paris isn’t completely shocked when the Aussies abandon the French deal in favor of a US-UK deal.

Then, a high-ranking administration official, Kerry, goes out and tells France and the world – “Oopsy! Sorry about that! Our Sleepy Joe president just didn’t know. So he’s cool. Don’t be mad. Plus I told him. So eventually he started knowing about it.”

This comes in the wake of Biden’s totally botched, disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, which ruined US credibility with friends and foes alike, and for which Biden claimed his top generals didn’t warn him not to do it, and to keep some troops there to prevent collapse – whereas the generals say they told him.

By the time the Biden administration gets out of the White House and the State Department, it seems like nothing will be left of America’s once glorified diplomatic positions all around the globe. Nothing.