The administration of Democrat Sleepy Joe Biden officially gave the start of a communist dictatorship in America as the Biden administration’s wokeist Attorney General Merrick Garland in effect instructed the FBI to persecute any parents who speak out at school board meetings outraged over the Marxist indoctrination of kids in the vicious critical race theory.

What’s happening is an absolutely unbelievable and shocking move on part of an acting administration and its AG using the repressive apparatus of the federal government as stormtroopers in order to crack down on dissent among regular, everyday Americans who disagree with the all-out imposition of radical leftist Marxism, wokeism, and transgenderism on innocent American children.

The far left has been wanting for a while now to destroy America and replace it with a tyrannical totalitarian Marxist dictatorship but now it has its plan in motion!

Wokeism by force

On Monday, as head of the Department of Justice, Garland issued a memorandum announcing that he has engaged both the FBI and local police to address the “disturbing trend” of school teachers being harassed or threatened in “recent months.”

Garland’s order, of course, doesn’t mention critical race theory or mask and vaccine mandates but those are the main issues discussed at school board meetings in which furious parents are confronting board leaderships as wokeists are increasingly forcing American children to internalize the lie that white people are inherently evil and racist no matter what they say or do, and no matter the reality and the facts.

The Garland memo that outlaws opinions not matching the official vicious Marxist, wokeist and pro-racist party line doesn’t make it clear what punishments exactly might be imposed on the parents who dare defend their kids, America, liberty, and truth.

Squelching dissent

Instead of defending everyday Americans and their right to stand up in civil society, Biden and Garland have come to the defense of privileged school board members to shield them from the rightful criticism of the American public.

In his order, Garland demonstrates that it is just the beginning as his Department of Justice is going to announce “a series of measures” – read “wokeism” – to tackle “the rise in criminal conduct”.

Needless to say, Republican political figures such as Florida governor Ron DeSantis have reacted with absolute fury to the communist persecution of Americans because they are opposed to the teaching of critical race theory, a completely wrong concept spurring anti-white hate and self-hate.

“It’s truly sickening,” commented GOP Rep. Dan Bish in a statement to The Daily Mail.

DeSantis himself vowed that Florida “will defend the free speech and rights of parents”, and will not let the feds “squelch dissent.”

He accused Garland of silencing parents through intimidation.

It is unbelievable that this is happening – the radical Marxists are indeed moving to take over this country – using all kinds of nasty methods, now including persecution and coercion in order to impose their horrifying wokeist totalitarian regime.