Psycho Democrat lawmaker proposes bill to forcibly sterilize American men `in retaliation' for Texas abortion ban

By this point, it is beyond doubt that the Democratic Party is being increasingly dominated by racist Marxist misanthropes but it also seems to boast among its ranks some outrightly deranged individuals.

One of those appears to be Chris Rabb, a Democrat state representative in Pennsylvania, who has proposed something worthy of the human medical experiments in Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, or the treatment China’s communist regime is giving to the interned ethnic Uighurs in Xinjiang.

Forcible castration, courtesy of the Democrats!

Rabb has proposed a bill that would force American men (in the state of Pennsylvania) to undergo a vasectomy as soon as they turn 40, or within six weeks of the birth of their third child if such an event occurs before they turn 40!


What has motivated the psycho Democrat state lawmaker in Pennsylvania to come with such Nazi-inspired legislation, you may wonder?

Well, Rabb wants to “get revenge” on men because the state of Texas used its sovereign state right to adopt a law banning abortion after the sixth week of pregnancy, i.e. the time an unborn child gets a heartbeat.

So on the one hand there is the sovereign state right of the legislature of the state of Texas – and it is using it in order to save lives of completely defenseless unborn kids.

And on the other hand is a Democrat psychopath wishing to in effect castrate the males in the state of Pennsylvania because of that.

Sure the piece of legislation introduced by Chris Rabb could be a “satirical” or fake bill designed to protest the Texas abortion law – and even then it makes no sense whatsoever.

It’s neither witty and ingenious, nor is it justified in any way.

What business does that Pennsylvania Democrat interfering with the decisions of the Texas legislature has – and on top of that, ones that save the lives of utterly helpless unborn children?!

Or the deranged castration bill put forth by Chris Rabb might as well be real.

That would be no surprise whatsoever considering the ever uglier turns that the Democrats are taking in favor of anti-white racism, transgenderism, and the ultimate destruction of American liberty, democracy, and nation.


The idiocies in Rabb’s “funny” forced male sterilization bill don’t end there, though: in it, he refers to fathers and men simply as “inseminators”.

The bill also stipulates a $10,000 reward to private citizens of the state of Pennsylvania who report to the authorities the violators or persons who “wrongfully conceive” a child with violators.

Democrat psycho Chris Rabb went further by tweeting that because legislators “restrict the reproductive rights of cis women, trans men & non-binary folks”, laws should exist to hold responsible “men who impregnate them.”

The bill makes the idiotic argument about the “bodily autonomy of women and girls” – because, sure, the unborn children are simply some of their organs and they aren’t entitled to “bodily autonomy.”

No autonomy for them.

Just occupation and oppression.

Barb Gleim, Pennsylvania GOP Representative, totally destroyed her psycho Democrat colleague in a Facebook post, warning, among other things, that if Democrats seize control of the state government, “policies belonging to Communist China” would quickly become the norm in their state.

She couldn’t be more right.

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