Racism inciting hatred of white people because of the color of their skin seems to be the official policy of the communist and wokeist city of Seattle – a highly disgusting, anti-American, and criminal act on part of what once was one of America’s great cities.

Run for many years by evil Marxists, Seattle, Washington, has morphed into a place where white folks now have to repent for their skin color and atone for crimes they never committed based on abject historical lies!

And simply because those same Marxists wish to instill anti-white racism in order to shred the cohesion of the American society, destroy America and replace it with an all-out far-left totalitarian dictatorship of the Nazi-Soviet type.

Anti-white racism straight of the Stalin – Hitler Playbook

New documents cited by The Daily Mail reveal that the city of Settle has run two “anti-racism” – meaning pro-anti-white racism – seminars.

However, those were held in a segregated manner – one was for the wretched white “oppressors” and the other for the so-called BIPOCs – standing for everything non-white.

In them, both groups were taught racist lies.

The white folks were taught they are evil and eternal oppressors due to their skin color – no matter what, no matter truth, reality, anything.

And the non-white folks were taught that they are the eternally oppressed victims and that white people are evil beasts, no matter what.

The holding of the segregated anti-white racist and Marxist seminars has been disclosed after a local radio host obtained documents with their contents based on a publicly disclosed request with the city hall.

KTTH radio host, Jason Rantz, revealed that the vile seminars in question were organized by the “Race and Social Justice Initiative” (RSJI), which is funded by the city of Seattle with taxpayer money.

The message of the segregated seminars was a well-known Marxist lie, although it seems to have been pushed with considerable intensity.

Utilizing overt anti-white racism, it sought to indoctrinate both whites and nonwhites that the former are responsible for racism solely based on the color of their skin.

The seminars lashed out against whiteness and “white supremacy” in a way that would make both Hitler and Stalin proud – except the modern-day American methods have reversed and/or modified the target groups of racism.

White employees of the city of Seattle were told to “affirm their ‘complicity in racism” and “shed our ‘white tears’” as well as tackle their feelings of “anger, self-righteousness, and defensiveness” – because in Marxist America you have no right to defend yourself – because the truth is what they want it to be.

And whites were also indoctrinated to experience “fear, shame, and guilt for the harm of our actions” – again, a guilty verdict based on skin color.

Your white existence stands in the way of non-white happiness, you vicious non-human white oppressor!

To top it all off, the city of Seattle preached to its white employees the concept of “interrupting whiteness” because their being white “inherently inhibits people of color” from experiencing happiness and success.

That’s right.

Next thing we know they will be urging whites to commit suicides, and non-whites to slaughter those whites who don’t do so.

Because things are clearly headed down that road.