Wokeism has by now become an official doctrine of the Biden administration as vicious far-left “progressive” Marxists have conquered the Democratic Party from within.

A brand-new appointment to an important post at the federal Department of Education by Democrat President Sleepy Joe Biden also testifies to that – and it is a particularly revealing one, just as telling as it is nasty and harboring great potential to drive further the brainwashing of American youth into the Marxist lies of critical race theory and wokeism.

America might have run out of decent education experts because Biden has dipped straight into the CRT pool – or cesspool.

Wokeism frontrunner

He has appointed Precious McKesson, a blatant critical race activist and Nebraska Democrat, to serve as a “Special Assistant” in the Department of Education’s Office of Communications and Outreach.

What exactly is McKesson going to be specially assisting with and outreaching for?

The total victory of the vile Marxist far left in imposing their racist CRT narrative packed full of lies in order to destroy the very fabric and foundations of American society?!

Because her profile points precisely to that.

McKesson is the chair of the Black Caucus of the Nebraska Democratic Party.

She has taken a repugnant stand against a resolution blocking the teaching of CRT in state colleges in Nebraska as an expression of the made-up idiocy called “systemic racism”.

She has also accused the Republican Party of wishing to “drive a wedge” between white and black Americans.

The appointment of a rabidly pro-CRT seemingly Marxist activist to an important post in the Department of Education by Sleepy Joe Biden has come just as Biden’s wokeist Attorney-General Merrick Garland has instructed the FBI and local police to crack down on parents protesting wokeism and CRT at school board meetings by claiming that their protests constitute harassment and threats of school board officials.

Awarding a loyal party functionary

Savagely pro-CRT activist McKesson also seems to be awarded for her loyalty to what she describes as the “Biden Harris administration”.

She has worked as a staffer for the Biden campaign in Nebraska, and, what is more, in the 2020 election, she was the single vote for “Biden-Harris” among the five electoral college ballots from Nebraska.

McKesson has also worked as the Nebraska Democratic Party’s finance director, and has mulled running for the US Congress.

Even though she is getting appointment to the Department of Education in Washington, her social media presence, which is limited to Facebook, offers little regarding her stance on education.

Instead, she comes out as active on gerrymandering and redistricting, at least in the last few months.

Rep. Jim Banks, GOP House member from Indiana, who is on the Education and Labor Committee, has described McKesson’s appointment to the Department of Education as “a slap in the face to parents” across America because it means putting a political activist, and a CRT-loving one at that, in charge of children’s education.

The wokeist Marxists are moving to occupy and brainwash America into all-out far-left wokeist totalitarianism – and they are doing it not slowly but surely – but quickly and surely.