Biden's public approval rating collapses to 38% new poll shows as most Americans say his administration incompetent to run US government

Just 8 months after he got to occupy the White House and the executive branch with his increasingly Marxist, far-left cohort, Democrat President Joe Biden is proving a major disappointment even for many of those who actually had some positive expectations for him.

Biden administration is incompetent

A new public opinion poll has revealed that Sleepy Joe Biden’s public approval rating is collapsing rapidly, with only 38% viewing him positively, while his disapproval is already standing at 53%.

The results from the monthly Quinnipiac University survey were released on Wednesday and show a whopping decline in public trust in Biden as last month he still had an approval of 42% and disapproval of 50% in the then survey of the same institution.

The new Quinnipiac University poll was conducted on October 1-4, and questioned a total of 1,326 adults nationwide.

The poll has a margin of error of 2.7 percentage points.

A total of 55% of the respondents said the Biden administration is incompetent in running the US government, with only 42% thinking the opposite.

The survey results show that Biden has gotten negative double-digit scores on all key governance issues except for one.

Thus, his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic has an approval rate of 48% vs. a disapproval rate of 50%.

Biden’s performance on the economy is at 39%-55% approval-disapproval rate; his performance as the commander in chief stands at 37%-58%; his foreign policy score is 34%-58%; and his dealing with the illegal immigration crisis at the US-Mexican border is at a catastrophic 23%-67%.

Sleepy Joe Biden’s personality traits haven’t performed that much better among the American public.

A total of 44% of the respondents were found to think that a dysfunctional Biden is honest about caring about the situation of the average Americans, while 50% do not believe that could be the case.

According to the poll results, only 41% of the US population consider Biden as having good leadership skills. In April 2021, the number in question stood at 52%.

‘Hammered on all sides’

Tim Malloy, a polling analyst at Quinnipiac University, said in the release of the public opinion survey results that the respondents’ answers show that Biden is failing miserably when it comes to public trust, the perception of his leadership abilities, and, last but not least, his overall competency.

He emphasized that the Democrat occupant of the White House is “being hammered on all sides” and his public rating is keeping up “its downward slide”.

A compilation of recent public opinion polls by the analytical website Real Clear Politics still shows Biden as having on average 45% approval vs. 49% disapproval.

Nonetheless, even that composite score seems hell-bent on changing really soon as the increasingly far-left Biden administration keeps messing up every possible policy aspect to serve its vile Marxist agenda, and the increasingly senile White House resident seems more and more inadequate by the day.

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