The US is secretly using Google searchers to track down people, supposedly to catch criminals – but the potential such secret “keyword search” warrants have for violating American citizens’ Fourth Amendment rights is both alarming and unimaginable.

The shocking practice in which US government law enforcement agencies are slapping Google with demands to provide them with the information of all people who search certain keywords has been revealed by Forbes in a report.

Never-before-possible technique

The revelation came thanks to court documents obtained by the media outlet, which were “accidentally unsealed.”

The report disclosed that keyword warrants have been employed by the US government secretly for at least a few years.

While the issue of government “keyword warrants” to search engines is actually unexplored legal territory, there are very serious grounds to consider them violations of American citizens’ constitution protection under the Fourth Amendment against unlawful searches and seizures.

The American Civil Liberties Union, an otherwise wokeist NPO, has issued a statement lambasting the practice.

Its surveillance and cybersecurity counsel Jennifer Granick is cited by The Daily Mail as saying that with the keyword warrants, the police can now identify people simply through the fact that they might have been thinking something, for any reason, at some time in the past.

She added that “this never-before-possible technique” is actually threatening the interests of the American citizens under the First Amendment, and will force innocent people to censor their keyword searches – even if they aren’t unique.

Granick added that it was even more outrageous that “police have been doing this in secret”, thus shielding the shocking practice from public regulation and discussion.

The practice, however, has been defended by Google – which of course would be eager to justify its decision to collaborate with the US government – as it has at various points in time collaborated or explored collaboration with the dictatorships in China, Russia, and the likes.

A Google spokesperson was quoted as claiming that the search engine somehow “protects” its users when it abides by the government’s keyword warrants – which have never even been mentioned to the American public before as a large-scale, regular practice!

The spokesperson insisted that Google has “a rigorous process” which both protects the privacy of users, respectively American citizens, and helps law enforcement with its important work.

Potential for political persecution

The accidentally leaked court documents testify to government claims that the keyword warrants have limited scope, which would avoid implicating those unfortunates who happen to search a term by chance – or at least that’s what the governments want to have us believe.

Only a few cases of keyword warrant requests have been made public so far – including a 2018 hunt for a serial bomber in Austin, Texas, a 2019 investigation into a group of men who sexually abused a missing underage girl in Wisconsin, and a 2017 case in Edina, Minnesota where all those who searched for the name of a fraud victim were implicated.

Clearly, the keyword warrants, especially when done in secret, have the potential to destroy American rights under the First and the Fourth Amendments.

With an increasingly radicalizing left in power, the Marxists occupying the federal government might at some point decide to use the practice for the political persecution of freedom-loving American patriots – such is today’s reality of an alliance between the radical left and Big Tech that there is no way such a blatant abuse can be ruled out!