In the 1970s and 1980s, the Soviet Union was a Marxist anti-utopia run by gerontocrats barely aware of their surroundings.

Unfortunately, just 40 years later the United States is approaching the same description – with vicious far-left Marxists and wokeists increasingly dominating the federal government, and an increasingly senile elderly president, Sleepy Joe Biden, who is nothing short of an embarrassment for the greatest and most powerful nation in the world.

Sleepy Joe Biden has it “all” – in the worst possible sense of the word: he’s blundering and gaffing day and night, he slurs and talks nonsense, he makes horrifyingly wrong and detrimental decisions for America on both the foreign and the domestic front, he lets unbridled Marxists of the wokeist and transgenderist kind run the federal government as they please – and he has made America the laughing stock of the world too many times already, and even many more are yet to come.

As fake as his administration

One of the many embarrassing details about Biden’s White House occupation – which certainly isn’t the most egregious one but is still ludicrous – is the fact that he uses a fake White House set for his televised speeches.

After he last night gave an address, social media users rushed to mock him for that, and justifiably so.

The fake White House video set is built in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, in its South Court Auditorium, across from the White House.

It features professional monitors and lighting and is regularly used by Sleepy Joe for video conferences as well as events broadcast online.

Besides those, Biden also used the fake White House set to show himself getting a third dose of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine against COVID-19.

The mocking on social media also led to the exposing of the real reason for which Sleepy Joe uses the fake White House set when speaking from the White House – instead of using an actual room with beautiful and historically significant settings such as the Oval Office, the East Room, the Cabinet Room, the Sit Room, the Roosevelt Room, etc.

It was revealed by Stephen Miller, former senior adviser to President Donald Trump, who wrote on Twitter that the real reason “Biden uses this bizarre virtual set” for his televised appearances is because it lets him “read a script directly from a face-on monitor” – and that is without a teleprompter glass that would be seen on camera.

So there you have it folks: Sleepy Joe the president has got to read to you his fairy tales straight from a face-on monitor.

They don’t let him in the White House?

Of course, other members of the disgraceful and already very disgraced Biden administration have been let to use the fake set – because why wouldn’t they be, fake as they are?

Those who have been photographed using it include Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, Biden’s pathetic Secretary of State Antony Blinken, and Biden’s Ambassador to the UN, Linda Thomas-Greenfield.

A number of social media users wondered why Biden “feels the need” to use that fake White House set when he has the actual White House at his disposal.

Jack Posobiec, Human Events Senior Editor, said that was the Truman Show Presidency, while journalist Kimberly Morin wondered if they don’t let him inside the White House.

Joking aside, the real and big question is how a senile incompetent like Sleepy Joe Biden was even let to occupy the White House in the first place.