As a seasoned and pious Marxist, New York City’s Democrat Mayor Bill de Blasio was just obliged to make use of his public office’s resources for personal use!

It’s almost not his fault!

He’s just gotta do it – because that’s what orthodox Commies do – from the Soviet Union to the People’s Republic of China, to the People’s Democratic Republic of (North) Korea, and to the increasingly radical leftist Democratic Party.

They all have to make use for the public good for their own good – after all, all Marxists despise the “masses” – the same masses they claim to be helping, and as soon as they take office through violence or peaceful means, they become far “more equal” than everybody else.

When in doubt, have the NYPD move your daughter’s futon

So has New York’s wokeist and Marxist Mayor Bill de Blasio who took advantage of his NYPD security detail for all sorts of inspired personal purposes – such as trying to run for president, driving his son to college in a neighboring state, and moving his daughter’s residence – all of that arguably to the benefit of the good people of New York City, right?

Because maybe if the first family of the city is happy, the people of the city would be happy, or, wait, the latter doesn’t really matter, as per the twisted Marxist logic.

De Blasio has thus abused his security privilege and used the cops tasked with protecting him during his entire and miserably failed bid to win the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination and still owes the NYPD a total of $320,000 for that, according to the report of the NYC Department of Investigation, which is an independent city government agency.

In August 2018, he used a police van for transporting a futon as his daughter Chiara was moving from an apartment in Brooklyn back to the mayor’s official residence, Gracie Mansion – that’s definitely a nice one!

The Department of Investigation’s report released on Thursday also discovered that De Blasio had his NYPD security team drive Dante, his son, both around town and back and forth to his college, Yale University in Connecticut.

Other abuses such as transporting mayoral staffers and helping them run errands for NYC’s wokeist mayor, transporting the mayor’s guests, or carrying out security checks in his unoccupied houses in Brooklyn were also registered.

Obstructed investigation

According to the report, Inspector Howard Redmond, the head of the mayor’s security detail, tried to actually obstruct the investigation, which is why he is getting referred for potential criminal prosecution to the Manhattan DA.

Speaking at his daily press conference on Thursday, De Blasio impudently disputed the findings of the investigation, claiming that it contained numerous “inconsistencies and inaccuracies.”

He also insisted that he was exposed to many security threats which justified all the abuses of his security detail for personal purposes.

The report from the Department of Investigation insisted that either De Blasio, or his political campaign have to reimburse the NYPD for the $319,794 that it spent as his security detail traveled outside NYC for 2019 presidential campaign trips.

Luckily for New Yorkers, De Blasio steps down as mayor in December.

Of course, he so seems to enjoy abusing public offices that he might run for other posts such as governor – so the American public won’t be getting rid of him that easily.