Left media gets super mad when black or brown people laud America, Nikki Haley says, ripping nasty CNN anchor who tried to lecture her on racism

The liberal leftist Marxists from the Democratic Party and the vile propaganda machines known as “mainstream media” consider all “people of color” to be their own unconditional feudal-like domain, which is supposed to hate America and to wish to destroy it, no questions asked.

That is why they descend like vultures ready to rip apart any minority person who dares to be a Republican or at least to proclaim himself or herself a conservative.

Marxist vultures trying to keep you in line

This is due to nothing else but the doctrine of the neo-Marxists such as the infamous “Frankfurt School” which states that since “classes” failed in their “class struggle” to destroy capitalism, “minorities” – whether real, or imagined ones like the “gender minorities” – will assume the role of “classes” in order to destroy capitalism and everything associated with it: freedom, rights, democracy, and the American nation and republic.

So there is no way for the modern American Marxist to let any person of color “stray away” from them – not without vicious assaulting him or her, anyway.

Former US Ambassador to the UN and former South Carolina GOP Governor Nikki Haley, who is of Indian Sikh origin, has just been subjected to a particularly sickening media attack by the flagship of Marxist propaganda, CNN, as one of the network’s most pathetic and repulsive hosts, Brianna Keilar, tried lecturing Haley on “racism” and how “racist” America is.

The reason for that was a speech by Haley at the Reagan Presidential Library in which Haley had the “cheek” to declare the simple truth that the United States of America is “not a racist country.”

Because for those of us who are aware of countries and conditions around the world, it is a well-known fact that the US is no more racist than any other country out there and that in fact, it is much, much, much less “racist” than most other nations, including those leftist dictatorships that the American Marxists seem to admire so much without ever having experienced all of their “niceties.”

When black or brown people say that America’s the best

In her vile tirade, CNN propagandist Keilar accused Nikki Haley of whitewashing the racism experience that she has had in the United States.

Haley responded on Thursday on “The Faulkner Focus” that it is as simple as that: the leftist propaganda machines – or “media” – “can’t stand it” when brown or black people praise the US – not only does it rob the Marxists of anti-American, anti-capitalism “foot soldiers” but it destroys their entire utterly fallacious narrative about evil capitalism, evil white people, evil white men.

Haley emphasized that the “liberal media” really hates when minorities say that “America is the best country in the world.”

The former US Ambassador to the UN emphasized that while America isn’t perfect its entire focus is on improvement.

She recalled growing up in an Indian family in a small town in the South how actually welcomed she felt, and that she feels proud of America because of that.

Haley declared one cannot say that America is “racist”, and that “they” cannot stand the fact that “a brown Republican says that.”

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