The American public is yet to awaken to one of the less-noticed foreign and security policy blunders of the administration of Sleepy Joe Biden – allowing Russian leader Vladimir Putin to complete “Nord Stream 2”, a massive natural gas transit pipeline to Germany.

Sleepy Joe, Putin says thanks

That is a geopolitical project entirely in Russia’s interest, which is why President Donald Trump took explicit actions to prevent its completion through sanctions – knowing that it would destroy the energy security not just of the America’s European allies in NATO and the European Union but could also have an adverse effect on the energy prices at home in America.

And this is precisely what has just happened thanks to a totally idiotic decision by Joe Biden in May 2021 to waive the American sanctions on the company laying the Nord Stream 2 pipes in the Baltic Sea.

Natural gas prices in America have spiked already this week while Putin is using a natural gas shortage in Europe in order to force the EU to give approval for the operation of Nord Stream 2, whose construction was completed in September, once again, thanks to Biden’s decision to kowtow to the Russian strongman in May.

The geopolitical standoff courtesy of Sleepy Joe Biden has sent the prices of natural gas in the US to their highest levels in over 10 years right ahead of the winter season, The Daily Mail reports.

Earlier this week, on Wednesday, Putin impudently indicated that he would be ready to send more gas Europe’s way if the EU was to greenlight the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, now fully completed, which runs directly from Russia to Germany through the Baltic Sea cutting off a number of Central and Eastern European US allies and current or future EU and NATO members.

In May, Biden waived the long-standing US sanctions against Putin’s $11 billion natural gas pipeline even though the Biden administration actually concluded that the Nord Stream 2 AG company and its CEO were participating in “sanctionable behavior”.

Now the Biden administration is “watching”

The current shortage of natural gas in the EU, which imports about 90% of the fuel, and to which Putin is refusing to react by boosting the quantities of Russian natural gas sent Europe’s way, means a heightened international demand for US-made natural gas, with natural gas prices in America usually being lower than in Europe.

On Wednesday, Putin told the Europeans to “settle” with Russian state-owned energy giant Gazprom in order to “talk it over.”

Jennifer Granholm, Biden’s own Energy Secretary, told The Financial Times that the US was “carefully” watching Russia because “you don’t want to see energy made into a weapon”.

Except it already has been made as a weapon by Russia, and Russia has been using that since the 1970s when the Soviet Union built natural gas pipelines to Europe for the first time.

And the Biden administration and Sleepy Joe Biden himself personally enabled that by allowing the Nord Stream 2 completion.

That is a fiasco comparable with the Afghanistan pullout: it has tightened Russia’s grip on Europe and has directly come to bite the American consumers in the a** at a time when inflation is already spiking for numerous other reasons, mostly Biden-related.