If nasty Marxist, Socialist and Communist dictatorships from around the world since the early 20th century have thought us a number of shocking lessons, one of them is that of privilege: that while they are technically equal with the “masses” that they so much love but actually despise, the Marxist regime establishments consider themselves much higher about the common folk.

Marxism is by default a system of privileges, favors, bribes, and loyalty rewards – in part because it rejects meritocracy in favor of serving blindly the party line.

That’s how you end up with societies in which they are all comrades and all of them are “equal” but certain comrades are actually “more equal” than others.

And some are much, much more equal.

The modern-day American Marxists are putting that rule into operation rather quickly, the numerous nepotistic appointments in the Biden administration being just one example of the worst of Marxism vices that they are imposing upon the glorious nation of the United States of America.

The leader of the Free World bossing around a Pennsylvania hospital

In another shocking example of good Commie comrade behavior, Democrat President Sleepy Joe Biden has just admitted to exerting his executive privilege by calling a hospital in Pennsylvania to get admitted a wife of a friend of his by cutting the line of patients.

Speaking during a visit to Elk Grove Village in Illinois, Biden revealed that his friend’s wife had difficulty breathing and fever, and that his friend called him after the hospital emergency room said the women couldn’t be received because the staff was overwhelmed with COVID-19 patients.

Sleepy Joe said he called the hospital desk and just “asked” the nurse about the situation without “complaining”, as cited by The Daily Mail.

He was apparently applying a typical communist dictatorship tactic in which the party chief doesn’t really have to give orders, he just has to “ask”.

That’s why they don’t let him talk

Apparently, Biden slipped out the information about the privilege that he used simply by mistake as he was trying to make a point about how overwhelmed doctors and nurses are because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Instead, he revealed what he had done – clarifying thus once again the reason his staff is trying head over heels to never let him talk unscripted – as his wandering mind and/or senility is bound to get him to blunder.

Biden didn’t disclose any details, for example, when exactly he exercised his executive privilege over a Pennsylvania hospital’s emergency ward.

However, he was apparently using the anecdote of his executive privilege behavior to try to drive home the point that employers should be executing their own COVID-19 vaccination mandates before his federal government forces them to do it.

That is of course just another invitation at voluntary coercion before the actual coercion takes place, just like in the case with the poor hospital nurse that got to receive a telephone call out of the blue from the person acting as the President of the United States of America – so that his acquaintance can cut the line at the expense of the common populace.