Trump warns Haitian illegals `have AIDS', are `death wish' for US, as Biden administration to welcome 60,000 more

The radical left’s anti-American crusade to populate the United States with illegal immigrants from the Third World in order to drown out the true patriotic Americans and install a Marxist totalitarian dictatorship is going full throttle with more than a million newcomers from Central America, Afghanistan, and Haiti since Sleepy Joe Biden occupied the White House eight months ago.

Illegal Haitians have become the latest addition to the Marxist and wokeist population endeavor, as 30,000 of them have been allowed to cross into the US and settle wherever they wish.

Those might be the most impudent kind of illegals because they don’t come from their country of origin, Haiti, but already had asylum and decent lives and jobs in relatively well-off South American countries, Chile and Brazil – before they heard that they can just go to America, courtesy of Joe Biden and his deletion of the US-Mexican border.

Besides the 30,000 Haitians already in, some 85,000 more seem to be headed our way, according to Panama authorities, with the next “batch”, or caravan, of Haitian illegals likely to include about 60,000 – and the Biden administration is just getting ready to welcome them and resettle.

Death wish for America

President Donald Trump – who managed to create the most secure Southern border for the United States in many, many decades – has just issued new grave warnings over the influx of illegal immigrants from Haiti, and indeed 50 other countries.

Trump told Fox News host Sean Hannity on Thursday night that Haiti, as it is well-known, has a “tremendous AIDS problem”, a “real bad problem” – and that the United States is receiving hundreds of thousands of Haitians.

The 45th President of the United States emphasized that a lot of the Haitian illegals coming in “probably have AIDS” – and that the Biden administration doesn’t do squat about it – simply because it just lets everybody in.

Trump categorically described both the influx of Haitians, and just the unbridled influx of all sorts of illegal immigrants from the Third World as a “death wish for our country.”

He isn’t wrong – in the sick plans of the Marxists, they seek to first destroy the United States before replacing the American republic with a far-left totalitarian dictatorship.

Roughest prisoners sent America’s way

During his interview with Hannity, Trump also declared that a total of no fewer than 50 countries are “emptying their prisons” and sending their convicted felons America’s way.

In his words, those are “some of the toughest people on Earth” and countries such as Mexico, El Salvador, and Honduras are getting rid of those criminals by turning them into illegal immigrants who are then welcomed in America by the Biden wokeists to the terrible detriment of the good people of the United States.

Trump emphasized that there are literally hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants who are crossing the border into the US every two weeks, and that the “roughest prisoners” from dozens of Third World countries are being sent “for us to take care of them.”

Unfortunately, Trump’s assessment seems exactly right, and the Marxists ruling the Biden administration aren’t showing any signs of letting up – instead they’d rather just intensify that as much as they can.

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