Democrat President Sleepy Joe Biden has left us all wonder whether he is overwhelmingly unwitting or overwhelming incompetent, or whether it’s a 50:50 situation that he’s got going on in his senile old head.

The quandary about his cluelessness vs. his incompetence once again couldn’t be put to rest on Friday as he gave an address from the White House praising his economic achievements despite a fresh and quite abysmal jobs report for September – and all of that just before fleeing from the reporters’ questions – as usual.

Now that’s progress!

Biden spoke after the Labor Department released its monthly report showing that only a miserable 194,000 jobs were created in the American economy in September 2021, much, much fewer than the 500,000 jobs that had been expected.

The grim report was actually the worst one since Biden occupied the White House at the beginning of the year.

Nevertheless, Sleepy Joe went all out – actually, his scriptwriters did with the script that they had assigned to him to read out – trying to invent a positive spin on the highly unfavorable data.

As per his script, he urged the American public to see the “big picture” and once again called for the adoption of his two giant spending bills worth a combined total of $4.7 trillion.

Biden touted that the economy has been creating “on average 600,000 jobs every month” – the actual figure being 561,000 – and that almost 5 million jobs have been created in the 8 months of his administration so far.

“Now that’s progress,” Sleepy Joe declared unwittingly, as he insisted that America is making “steady progress” and consistently so.

Of course, naturally, whatever achievements the US economy might have to show for, they are clearly despite and not because of the Biden administration, which is allowing inflation to skyrocket, supply chain bottlenecks to form, and the tackling of the COVID-19 pandemic to drag on and on.

Biden did admit that the “progress” that he is seeing isn’t “fast enough” and he’d wish that it were “faster” – well, the way to achieve that would be for his grossly incompetent “leadership” to somehow vanish.

Turn your sleepy back on questions

Earlier on Friday, Biden’s pathetic press secretary Jen Psaki blamed the meager number of new jobs on many people’s unwillingness to return to the workforce because of the COVID-19 – forgetting that even if that is the case, it is still on the Biden administration.

At the end of his bewildering job report speech, Biden happily once again just turned his back on the journalists shouting critically important questions at him.

Before his blunt exit, Sleepy Joe exited the fake White House set in the Eisenhower Building across from the actual White House by stating his line “May God protect our troops” – which might as well be sarcastic seeing as how he caused the death of 13 US troops in Kabul with his disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal and devastating evacuation.

So Friday’s performance showed us a Sleepy Joe Biden at full swing, at his “best”.