The vicious anti-American, anti-democratic, and anti-freedom agenda of the radical leftist Marxists that seemingly have the upper hand in the administration of senile and Sleepy Joe Biden has been imposed for years on the American public by the mainstream media, which are nothing more but leftist propaganda machines.

Among those, CNN has been a flagship, a frontrunner, and a foundation pillar – so much so that in secret tapes leaked by Project Veritas, CNN’s repugnant President Jeff Zucker boasted that his network singled-handedly “brought down” President Donald Trump.

Deeply worried Sleepy Joe will hurt their agenda

The claim in question vast underscores the tremendous impact that the coronavirus pandemic has had on the 2020 election – since it is safe to say that without COVID-19, there would have been no Biden presidency regardless of how many election manipulations the left might have committed.

In any case, it is absolutely true that the likes of CNN are playing a vital part in poisoning the American nation by sowing division and distrust in service of the far-left agenda – with the ultimate goal of the Marxists being to replace America with a totalitarian Marxist dictatorship.

As the leftist managed to install a terrible incompetent in the White House in the face of senile Joe Biden, simply for lack of a better option, they took a giant risk, and its fallout is already showing as Sleepy Joe’s approval rating is collapsing barely 8 months since he occupied the US presidency.

A fresh poll by Quinnipiac University, which is generally left-leaning, found that Biden’s popularity is down to 38%, while his disapproval already stands at 53%.

This has gotten CNN vastly worried about that seeing that Biden’s decline threatens the implementation of its masters’ Marxist agenda against the American nation.

So much so that on CNN’s anchors and analysts are sounding the alarm: in a segment on CNN show “New Day”, host John Berman and the network’s senior data analyst Harry Enten outlined how Biden is losing support among all political affiliations, but most of all among the independents.

‘Underwater’ with independents

Enten pointed out that Biden’s rating has gone from 8 points positive in August down to 5 points negative this month, the conclusion being that it’s “essentially going in the wrong direction” and that this is “not good.”

The data reporter, in particular, underscored how Biden has suffered a whopping 19-point loss in support from independents in just the two months since the beginning of August.

He argued that independents were critical for Biden’s win of the 2020 presidential election and that it is a “very bad sign” that now “he is underwater with them.”

Enten then stated a big majority of the voters believe that Sleepy Joe Biden has achieved either just “some” or “very little” since he occupied the White House eight months ago.

Both he and the host insisted that Biden must get something big done such as passing the combined total of $4.7 trillion in two spending packages – because that’s the Marxist answer to everything more and more, and massive if possible, pork-barrel spending.