The liberal leftist “empress” of the US Congress, House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi fits perfectly the archetype of vicious Marxist, Socialist and Communist rulers who preach to the “masses” about socialism while themselves being fabulously rich.

In Pelosi’s cases, though, her growing obnoxiousness in recent years seems to have grown proportionately with her family’s stupefying wealth – her and her husband Paul’s net worth has skyrocketed from $114 million in 2018 to $315 million at present, according to an investigation of host Jesse Waters of Fox News’ “Waters’ World”.

That’s a staggering increase: an increase of a whopping 201 million in mere three years – so indeed, the vile Democrat promoter of wokeism and transgenderism is as rich as royalty, her low six-figure government salary notwithstanding.

Waters’ investigation traces how Nancy and Paul Pelosi have gotten to be so rich, and it leaves serious doubts about political insider trading and heavy involvement with corruption-like lobbyism.

In a commentary as part of his investigation, the Fox News host lambasted Pelosi for promoting policies that are in fact making it increasingly hard for the average American to accrue wealth, including by virtue of hurting the US dollar with constant reckless government spending and slapping bigger and bigger taxes on the American public.

Fabulously rich

Watters notes how after Nancy and Paul Pelosi got married, the latter set up a firm for real estate and venture capital.

He used his connections to proper Nancy into politics, eventually getting her elected to the US Congress in 1987.

From there it’s been a constant win-win-win for the Pelosis in financial teams as Paul Pelosi has kept scoring big money time and again with stocks, real estate, and just all kinds of well-timed right investments.

So their net worth has gone from $114 million in 2018, to $271 million in 2019, and to $315 million in 2020.

These include a Napa Valley mansion worth up to $25 million, a waterfront condo in Washington, DC worth more than $2 million, plus a red-brick mansion in Pacific Heights in California, plus commercial estate in San Francisco worth up to $50 million.

‘Extremely fortunate timing’

Watters points out how in 2007, Visa lobbied heavily with Nancy Pelosi as the new Democrat-dominated Congress was going to target their swipe fees.

After that, Nancy Pelosi got donations from Visa, and Paul Pelosi got a phone call offering him a “prescreened invite to get in early” on the IPO of Visa worth $18 billion.

The Pelosis quickly bought between $1 million – $5 million worth of Visa stock.

Since Pelosi has been Speaker of the House, bills that may have affected Visa have been blocked, while the credit card company’s shares have gone up by more than 200%.

Watters points out that in January, the Pelosi family bought a million dollars worth of stock of Tesla just before in June Joe Biden announced incentives for the electric car.

Paul Pelosi made an “easy $5.3 million” by exercising options on Google’s parent company, Alphabet, just as Congress was about to pounce on Big Tech.

In March 2021, Mr. Pelosi exercised $2 million worth of Microsoft options in another hit that came barely two weeks before Microsoft won a $22 billion contract for hi-tech headsets for the US Army.

Fox News journalist Jesse Watters points out that while Nancy and Paul “have never been indicted for insider trading”, there is a lot of suspicion for them because of the “extremely fortunate timing” of their investments combined with the leftist empress’s access to insider politics information.