Nobody can do them blunders like Kamala!

While her boss Sleepy Joe Biden’s gaffes are many times so senilely spontaneous that they would’ve been even adorable if they weren’t committed by the President of the United States, Kamala Harris’ kind are the product of elaborate planning.

It’s as though neither Kamala, nor anybody on her team keeps in touch with reality so a whole bunch of monstrosities seem to them like a good idea before the blow up in her face, and she gives out her infamous hyena-like chuckle.

Kamala just does(n’t) like the unknown

Harris, who, for whatever reason, chairs America’s National Space Council, has released a NASA- and space exploration-promoting YouTube video in which she advertises the US space program to regular school-age children.

The “Get Curious with Vice President Harris”, a bizarre title at best, was released by her team on October 7 as a way of celebrating World Space Week.

The video was sort of repulsive as it was – for no other reason but Harris’ own artificially sounding and pretentious performance as she could clearly be seen just trying too hard to appear likable.

Harris was also mocked over a revelation that her “Outer Space” video was produced by a Canadian company called “Sinking Ship Entertainment”, a nice metaphor for the Biden administration, and truthful though horrifying one for the country that it rules over.

Now, however, an even more striking fact has also been revealed: the school children who appear alongside Kamala in the video aren’t your average kids but are professional child actors who had to audition for the parts – and the “honor” of meeting Biden’s veep.

A total of five teens show up together with Harris in the video for the YouTube original series: Trevor Bernardino, Derrick Brooks II, Sydney Schmooke, Emily Kim, and Zhoriel Tapo.

All of them are child actors, while the last one, Tapo, is also an aspiring journalist known for interviewing former First Lady Michell Obama.

KSBW cites 13-year-old Bernardino, a resident of Monterey, Texas, who describes the excitement he felt when his agent called him to tell him he is going to Washington for the role and that he was going to meet the vice president.

The call came a week after he auditioned.

This keeps getting better

In her overdramatic performance in the video, Harris tells the five actors that she loves “the idea of exploring the unknown” – so much so that she had to get professionals instead of picking five kids who are actually passionate about space.

“This just keeps getting better,” Tim Murtaugh, a former Trump 2020 communications director, tweeted in regard to Kamala’s space video scandal.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson has described her video as “fake” and “fraudulent” while discussing conservative commentator Candace Owens.

He said he isn’t showing the Kamala space video to his viewers for “humanitarian reasons.”

Clearly, Kamala’s interest in space exploration is just as great as her interest in the illegal immigration crisis at the southern border: non-existent.

In any case, if possible, she should be sent to space to explore it personally and should be kept there for as long as possible.