In the course of a mere 8 months, the administration of Democrat President Sleepy Joe Biden has caused more international humiliation for the United States of America than in the 40 years since Jimmy Carter left the presidency with the ongoing Iranian hostage crisis.

It’s not enough that the Biden team has all but erased completely the border with Mexico, and, respectively, the Third World, letting any Third World resident who so wishes settle at will in the United States.

It’s also not enough that Biden single-handedly lost the 20-year-long war on terror in Afghanistan within a matter of days, caused the collapse of the Afghan government, and bestowed the entire country to the murderous Taliban terrorists together with $85 billion worth of top-notch US-made military equipment, all while getting 13 US service personnel killed, and bringing to America a fresh “harvest” of 60,000 almost entirely random Afghans, instead of those who actually helped the US war effort.

Disgraceful talks with the Taliban

Nope, all of that’s not enough for the Biden administration.

They’d love to go all the way in completely humiliating the United States as a global superpower – since that’s precisely what they are doing.

The US government under Joe Biden has just completed utterly needless and disgraceful post-Biden defeat talks with senior Taliban leaders in Doha, Qatar.

But what’s even worse is that the US State Department has actually praised the Taliban terrorists for being “candid”, “professional” and “businesslike”!

Can you imagine!!?

And these are the same people – many of them are literally the same persons – who hosted al-Qaeda for years before it can execute the horrifying 9/11 terrorist attacks back in 2001!

On top of that, this humiliating praise of the radical Islamists comes after on Saturday the Taliban said they had snubbed a US request to fight together against ISIS-K, the Afghanistan branch of the Islamic State, and on Sunday, the Taliban said the US had agreed to give them humanitarian aid – without the US delegation in Doha ever confirming anything to that end.

‘Robust humanitarian assistance’

Instead, on Monday, the Ned Price, the spokesman of the Biden State Department, issued a statement declaring that in the talks in Qatar’s capital, the US “focused on security and terrorism concerns and safe passage” – apparently out of Afghanistan – for Americans, other foreigners as well as US allies, and on human rights and women’s rights.

Price did mention that America providing humanitarian aid to the Taliban was discussed in Doha – more specifically, he mentioned “robust humanitarian assistance” – because the Taliban sure deserve all the assistance that the good people of the United States can give them – at least according to the Biden administration, that is.

This has become yet another case of not only kowtowing to the Taliban for no rational reason whatsoever – but also of members of the Biden administration who have spoken of the Islamist murderers positively and with respect.

Emily Horne, National Security Council Spokeswoman, last month said in a statement the Taliban were “cooperative” in allowing Americans to leave Afghanistan while being also “flexible” and “businesslike.”

Radical leftists are thus praising radical Islamists in an unprecedented manner to the giant detriment of the United States of America.