The administration of Democrat President Sleepy Joe Biden is so dead bent upon populating the United States with illegal immigrants from the Third World that it is taking all kinds of measures to make America’s immigration enforcement institutions completely toothless and thus useless.

The sequence of the measures the Biden administration has been taking in order to supposedly tackle the unprecedented influx of more than 1 million illegal immigrants through the US-Mexican border so far this year is ridiculous and smacks of nothing but an outright conspiracy to allow giant masses of non-American, non-Western people to be able to settle at will inside the United States.

‘Exploitative employers’

The left has in general been in crying with crocodile tears about illegal immigration as it hopes to claim all newly arriving immigrants and their children as its own ultra-loyal voters once they are naturalized – thus guaranteeing that it will remain in power.

The radical leftists, Marxists, progressivists, etc. that now seem to be dominating the Biden administration appear to be taking all of that to the next level.

So much so that Biden’s wokeist Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, on Tuesday banned Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) from carrying any more “mass worksite deportation raids.”

In a memo sent to Tae Johnson, the acting director of ICE, Mayorkas states that such deployments which could result in the arrests of hundreds of illegal immigrant workers at a time did not serve the government’s goal of cracking down on “exploitative employers”.

Those in turn are described as the main “unauthorized employment challenge” for the US authorities.

Mayorkas further states that such “highly visible operations” are actually misallocating the resources of law enforcement.

Fox News notes that worksite raids for illegal immigrants were increased dramatically as a practice under the Trump administration, with the largest such operation resulting in the arrest of 700 illegal immigrants back in 2019 in food processing plants in the state of Mississippi.

It is noted that the administration of Joe Biden has reduced dramatically the scope of ICE enforcement.

The curbs in question include limiting the agency’s officers to only illegal immigrants who have recently crossed the border, or who have committed felonies, or are considered national security risks.

It is precisely the limiting of the ICE enforcement that is largely seen by the administration’s critics as practically erasing the US-Mexican border and encouraging more and illegal immigrants from Latin America to flock there in order to cross into the United States.

Destroying ICE from within

Critics have reacted angrily to the issuing of Mayorkas’ latest guidance to ICE, with RJ Hauman from the Federation from American Immigration Reform, cited as saying that Biden’s DHS chief is the “biggest border security and immigration enforcement disaster” in the history of the United States.

Hauman stated further that Mayorkas’ moves constitute “radical policy changes” and that there are so many of them it is even hard to count all of them.

In his words, because the administration of Joe Biden “cannot abolish ICE outright”, it has the DHS chief who is causing its destruction from the inside.

It is harder to find a more accurate description of how the Biden administration and Mayorkas, in particular, are handling the horrendous spike in illegal immigration threatening the United States.