Getting hit by a staggering, dangerous infectious disease pandemic – such as the COVID-19 outbreak – may not only take millions of lives and exact a very heavy toll on the public in various ways.

However, it might also be a boon for those wishing to crush people’s freedom, strip them of their rights, and establish the practice of government interference with every aspect of people’s personal lives.

This is precisely what has been happening throughout America during the COVID-19 pandemic, with the proponents of “big government” of various kinds, mostly coming together in the Democratic Party, using various mask and vaccine mandates to encroach upon the constitutional freedom of the residents of the United States.

Difference between Dems and Republicans

With mask mandates, the science remains questionable, and with vaccine mandates, there always remains the question of freedom and personal choice.

Nevertheless, the Democrats in power at the federal, state, and local level have been voting for, issuing and supporting blanket mandates with respect to both masks and vaccines, as though everything is clear-cut and unquestionable, and the government can just order people around without any regard for their personal will.

Republican-ruled states, though, have been the exception in that regard, with GOP Governors taking measures to preserve freedom and rights guaranteed by the American Constitution while also combating the pandemic.

Greg Abbott, the Republican Governor of the state of Texas, however, seems to have taken the boldest action in that regard: he just banned “any entity” in his state from enforcing a vaccine mandate over COVID-19.

Abbot explained in a release that even though the anti-coronavirus vaccine is “safe and effective” and provides the best known defense against the virus, it “should remain voluntary and should never be forced”.

Huge fines

His executive order thus bans any state or private actor from forcing a person to have a COVID-19 vaccine if that person “objects to such vaccination” for reasons of “personal conscience.”

Abbott’s order in particular names both consumers and employees as categories who might refuse to have a vaccine based on a “religious belief” or based on “medical reasons”, including a recovery from COVID-19.

Abbott further makes it clear that his decree trumps any “conflicting order” already issued by local jurisdictions, and proclaims that any entity that doesn’t comply can receive the largest possible fine under Texas law.

In addition to that, the Governor of Texas also sent a message to the state legislature asking its members to mull legislation that would be similar to his executive order.

Clearly, the balanced approach towards encouraging the vaccination against COVID-19 without forcing anybody to take a vaccine against his or her will is a much more truthful to the spirit of the American Constitution.