As time goes on, it is more or less clear to everyone that the riots that marked the end of the Trump and the beginning of the Biden era were not just an accidental explosion of violence and right-wing extremism, as the mainstream media want to portray it.

The story of the deliberate provocation of the Capitol riots gets clearer and clearer, but the main protagonist behind the whole incident is not Trump, but the Biden administration.

If we take into account the partisan investigation of the whole case, it is clear that the Democrats, led primarily by Nancy Pelosi, are hiding something.

Former President Donald Trump has accused the leadership of the Capitol Police of “abandoning officers” during the Capitol Hill riots on January 6th, before comparing the act with President Joe Biden’s disastrous handling of the American withdrawal from Afghanistan over the summer.

Trump made the comments on Monday from his “Save America PAC”, and used his statement as a chance to call for an end to the January 6th investigation.

His comments came after a whistle-blower claimed that the failures of the Capitol Police leadership, mixed with the lies of lawmakers, caused the riots to break out.

The only logical explanation

Trump opened his statement by accusing the “Unselect committee” of partisanship, with the committee being chock full of high-ranking Democrats, with the only Republicans onboard being opponents of the former President.

Trump claimed that the Capitol Hill riots “would have never happened” if the Capitol Police leadership had “did their job and looked at the intelligence.”

He then used this moment to compare the lack of actions and abandonment by the Capitol Police leadership with President Biden’s withdrawal and abandonment of American allies in Afghanistan.

The former President then attacked the Democrats further, accusing them of failing to hold “bad leaders accountable,” before attacking them for going after “innocent staffers and attacking the Constitution.”

He then moved on to the information that the whistle-blower released, questioning the lack of media coverage from America’s biggest media outlets, before again calling for the end of the “partisan investigation.”

Trump concluded his statement by going back to his familiar narrative, claiming that the lack of whistle-blower media coverage was another example of the Democrats continuing their hunt against him.

He then finalized by stating the “Radical left” were “destroying America.”