The passage of the two giant spending bills worth a combined total of $4.7 trillion, and put forth by the Biden administration, is a matter of utmost importance for the increasingly radicalized Democratic Party.

The fate of the $1.2 trillion infrastructure package, which was already passed by the Senate with some bipartisan support after weeks of hard talks and haggling, but especially the ginormous $3.5 trillion Communist-style social spending package known with the bizarre name “Build Back Better” is still hanging in the balance in Congress.

That is both due to the staunch opposition of the GOP to the latter bill, and due to the severe intra-Democrat infighting as the far-left “progressives” are continuing to take over the entire party and hijack its agenda.

The $3.5 trillion bill has whetted so much the Democrats’ appetite for tremendous pork-barrel spending that they are becoming unbelievably restless over it.

After all, their way of running a government does presuppose wasting giant amounts of taxpayer money to your own political, personal, and business benefit, and keeping that up until you eventually run of other people’s money, as conservativism icon, former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher once put it.

Whetted pork-barrel spending appetite

In the US, the Marxists are just getting started in that regard, and their hopes for benefiting in every way possible from the Build Back Better package are huge.

So much so that now House of Representatives Speaker, liberal leftist empress Nancy Pelosi, has actually berated reporters from the mainstream media as to why they haven’t done “a better job” with the “selling” of the $3.5 trillion bill to the American public.

That is a direct accusation over why they haven’t promoted, advertised, or pushed Build Back Better hard enough so as to overwhelmingly convince the nation of its benefits.

Speaking to congressional reporters on Capitol Hill on Tuesday, Pelosi gave a real lecture in that regard, the scolding coming after a CBS News poll showed that just 10% of the public actually are aware of “lots of specifics” of the package.

When questioned by a CBS reporter precisely on that matter, Pelosi lost it and immediately turned it around on the journalists – as though they are Commie Democrat Party apparatchiks and not members of the media.

She blamed the failure to promote the $3.5 trillion bill on the White House but on the press.

Do ‘Better Job Selling It’

Pelosi was actually asked by the reporter if she thought she and her party should do a “better job at messaging,” and also “how do you sell this?”

She replied that “you all could do a better job of selling it”.

Unbelievable: the Speaker of the House is scolding reporters for not promoting her party’s agenda – smacks not just of Communist China but also of the “golden era” of the Soviet Union, whenever the hell that might have been.

The House Speaker also declared it has been hard to promote Build Back Better because it is “such a comprehensive package”.

Basically, the Democrats, increasingly dominated by the vile “progressive” of the AOC type, are drowning in their own desire for the gigantic pork-barrel spending that would come with a potential adoption of Build Back Better.