There is no question that the administration of incompetent Democrat President Sleepy Joe Biden is failing America on all fronts – from COVID-19 and the economy to illegal immigration and foreign policy.

The only question is whether it’s causing all of those crises out of sheer incompetence, or on purpose in order to precipitate a giant crisis to destroy America and replace it with a monstrous wokeist, transgenderist, and Marxist dictatorship.

The latter at least seems to be the goal of the radical left, or “progressivist” wing of the Democratic Party, which is increasingly gaining the upper hand inside it, while the clueless, senile Sleepy Joe remains at the helm.

Considering that there are still moderate Democrats left, and the AOC-led gang hasn’t won entirely yet, it’s probably a mixture of both, incompetence and subversion.

How is Biden doing?

Against that backdrop, the rule of President Donald Trump literally seems like a “golden age” – and he has just reminded of this in a statement in a rather provocatively witty way – he directly asked how Biden “is doing” and whether the American nation misses his presidency already.

“How’s Biden doing?” Trump asked rhetorically in an emailed statement, adding another critical question: “Do you miss me yet?”

Before posing these two questions, however, Trump reminded the nation that the COVID-19 pandemic has gotten out of control, that crashing supply chains are leaving store shelves empty, that the “border is a complete disaster”, that gas prices and inflation are skyrocketing, and that America was totally humiliated in Afghanistan.

Trump with huge lead for 2024 GOP nomination

Trump’s message that America as a whole might already well be missing him – and just his ardent supporters – barely 8-9 months into the Biden presidency – was backed up by the results of a new poll showing that a staggering 70% of all Republican voters want to see him run for president once again in 2024

The poll results also demonstrated that he has a very strong lead over any of his potential challengers for the 2024 GOP nomination.

The poll in question was announced on Wednesday and was conducted among a total of 1999 American voters for Politico by Morning Consult, as cited by The Daily Mail.

Apart from finding that 70% of the GOP voters want Trump to run against in 2024, the poll also found that he has 47% of the party’s electorate for the 2024 nomination compared with only 13% for his former Vice President Mike Pence and 12% for Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Inflation all around

Also on Wednesday, results from a survey of small business owners released by the Job Creators Network Foundation painted an even more troubling picture for the Biden administration with respect to the economy, with consumer spending and inflation troubling the entrepreneurs’ minds.

The JCNF surveyed a total of 500 small business owners, and found that less than one-third, or just 32% rated the economy at present as good or excellent, while 68% assess it as fair or poor.

JCNF President Elaine Parker emphasized that “inflation is becoming unhinged”, hitting a 30-year-high, and not just crushing family budgets but also spiking the cost of doing business.

Clearly, there is a lot for which Trump can be missed.