Democrat President Sleepy Joe Biden’s son Hunter could prove to be a greater liability for his father and his questionable political career than thought as a result of newly leaked emails from the latter’s abandoned laptop.

Sleepy Joe could actually become the target of an investigation by the FBI into Hunter Biden’s finances since emails recovered from the laptop by The Daily Mail show that the father and son had joint banking accounts and paid one another’s bills.

Bizarre money flows between father and son

The emails in question are between Hunter Biden and Eric Schwerin, who is Biden Jr’s business partner at Rosemont Seneca, a consultancy firm.

The content of the emails proves that Schwerin worked on Joe Biden’s taxes, and he also mentions that Joe and Hunter were paying the household bills of one another.

Schwerin was also exploring book deal requests for Joe Biden, back then the vice president of Barack Obama, plus donating his Senate papers to the University of Delaware.

The report points out that it is unknown why Hunter Biden’s associate Eric Schwerin played such an inside role in the dealings of the vice president – and why, for instance, those activities weren’t handled by employees of the vice president’s office.

In the emails, Hunter Biden mentions a joint bank account with his father – leading the report to question whether money from their joint account wasn’t used by the former for his Hollywood hotel bender in May 2018 with a prostitute.

Back in December, in a public statement, Hunter Biden admitted he was being investigated by the FBI for his tax affairs.

The report cites a former federal prosecutor who specializes in criminal tax law and money laundering as stating on condition of anonymity that if there were indeed money flows between Hunter and Joe Biden, the Democrat president could also become a target of the federal investigation.

At the same time, however, precisely because of Joe Biden’s job it would be hard for the investigators to interrogate him unless they have a very solid evidence case.

The probe into Hunter Biden by the FBI and the IRS is said to be also investigating Hunter Biden’s business relationships abroad and possible money laundering charges.

If Biden wasn’t president

According to a report published in 2020 by the Senate security committee, the Chinese government might have tried to influence the White House by using a billion-dollar business deal between Chinese oil giant CEFC and Rosemont Seneca, the consultancy that Hunter Biden co-founded with Eric Schwerin.

The report further cites a former US Intelligence Officer and Special Treasury Agent, John Cassara, specializing in money laundering investigations.

According to Cassara, if Biden wasn’t president, he would probably be the target of the prosecutors’ investigation already alongside his son.

The ex-intelligence officer described the publicly available information as “very worrisome” with respect to corruption.

In his words, the perception of corruption in that regard is an “embarrassment”, which undermines the truth in the US government and America’s reputation abroad.

A lot more will likely be revealed about Hunter Biden’s dubious financial dealings, but indeed the dreadful part of the United States is that its current president might be heavily implicated in all of that.