War and conquest were the normal order of humanity up until 1945 – and still are in many parts of the globe, with power both determining the outcome of events and being widely viewed as a source of pride, and for a good reason.

Vice President Kamala Harris has denounced the European explorers who discovered the Americas, accusing them of creating a “wave of devastation” for Native Americans to endure for hundreds of years.

She made the comments while appearing at the National Congress of American Indians 78th Annual Convention on Tuesday night.

Her speech came the night after President Joe Biden became the first sitting American President to declare the second Monday of October to be Indigenous Peoples Day.

Kamala’s Speech

Harris opened the speech by tracing back America’s history with European explorers and the Natives that owned the land before them.

She stated that the United States have used every October since 1934 to recognize the efforts made by European explorers to discover the Americas in a monumental landmark of history.

However, she remained adamant that these recognitions did not acknowledge the whole story and the impact the discovery had on the Native American population.

The Vice President accused the European explorers of “ushering in a wave of devastation for Tribal nations,” claiming that the Europeans were violent, stole the land of the natives, and spread diseases to their communities.

Never mind that violence and conquest have been around since the dawn of time, and that Native Americans and everybody else were doing that to each other when the Europeans arrived.

Never mind that Europe and “white people” were constantly attacked, conquered, raped, and murdered by non-European invaders – from the Arabs to the Soviets.

Never mind that the Europeans didn’t exactly come over to America and say, “Hey, let’s spread some disease now, shall we?”

Little did they know about germs and natural immunity and isolated populations.

Kamala - the propagandist

She stated that the America of today must “not shy away from this shameful past,” declaring that the people of America and of the administration must use the impact of the past to assess how to improve Native American communities today.

Harris then moved on to discussing how the policies of her administration will be able to build up Indian Country.

She stated that the President’s $3.5 trillion infrastructure legislation will help numerous problems that the Native American community faces today, including issues such as unemployment, poverty, healthcare, and affordable housing.

The Vice President declared that the infrastructure bill presents “an important opportunity” to improve the lives of Native Americans and those who live in Indian Country, especially after the devastation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.