This is hardly a surprise for anybody – but at least now there are leaked documents that confirm it: the administration of Democrat President Sleepy Joe Biden is just taking huge numbers of illegal immigrants intercepted at the US-Mexican border and is releasing them in the interior of the country to do as they please.

The gist of the immigration policy of the Biden administration is all about letting in as many Third World people as possible, then giving them amnesty and naturalizing them quickly in order to grow the “default Democrats” voters base.

At the same time, the uncontrolled influx of illegals is demoralizing, terrorizing, and diluting the number of “traditional” American citizens who are ready to fight for patriotism, freedom, and democracy.

More than 1 million illegal immigrants have crossed into the US through the Southern border since Joe Biden occupied the White House in January.

Some of those have been returned over COVID-19 concerns under the policy known as Title 42.

Not just letting them in but also seeking to legalize them

Border Patrol documents now obtained by Fox News have shown, however, that since March at least 160,000 illegals – and possibly a lot more – have been let go inside the US, with what is described as “little to no supervision.”

Then, since August, more than 30,000 of those have been made eligible for work permits by the US authorities – what a swift route to naturalization that is!

Fox News underscores that the documents provide just a “partial snapshot” as to how the Biden administration keeps releasing huge numbers of illegal immigrants in the country without even considering their deportation.

According to the leaked papers, at least 94,570 migrants have been released in America since March 20 only with Notices to Report – meaning they are only supposed to check in with an ICE office at their destination anywhere in the country, and if they do, they aren’t eligible for deportation.

Tremendously abusing parole authority

Since August 6, about 32,000 illegal immigrants have been released via parole, which gives them legal status and the eligibility to apply for work permits.

The same kind of status has been given to the more than 60,000 Afghans, 97% of random, who were brought by the US military from Afghanistan in the disastrous haphazard evacuation at the end of Biden’s pullout.

Apparently, the parole status is usually used very sparingly for “urgent humanitarian purposes” and “significant public benefit.”

However, the Biden administration appears to be abusing its parole authority, according to Rodney Scott, former Border Patrol Chief, who also served under President Biden.

In his words, the current situation presents neither “significant humanitarian reasons”, nor “significant public benefit.”

Scott recalled that in his time as a field chief he never approved over 5 or 10 paroles in a year, and when he did, he had the foreigners monitored constantly and then “detained or removed as soon as the circumstances allowed”.

The leaked documents from Border Patrol also prove that another 40,000 illegal immigrants were let go by the Biden administration “on their own recognizance.”

In one case, a total of 128 single adults were released “without ATD” which provides for tracking by an ankle monitor or a mobile phone.

So apparently the Biden administration isn’t just letting everybody in America but it is also making an effort to legalize them as part of the bigger implementation of its wokeist agenda.