More than 200 cases of an enigmatic neurological illness – described by some as psychogenic – have been reported so far in the past five years by US diplomatic staff in locations around the world, in locations from Cuba to China and Germany.

And it isn’t as though the Biden administration seems to have gotten closer to figuring out what’s causing American diplomats and their families to fall down with dizziness, nausea, headaches, among other symptoms.

Vietnam – Colombia attacks could show pattern

In the latest case, members of five families working for the US Embassy in Colombia’s capital Bogota, including one child, have just been hit by the Havana Syndrome, The Daily Mail reported.

The new attack has come several days before a planned visit to Bogota by the Biden administration’s Secretary of State, Antony Blinken.

Granted, with a pathetic Blinken at the helm of US diplomacy, America’s enemies don’t even need to deploy any special weapons against our diplomatic staff – the likes of Blinken are an anti-American super-weapon in their own right.

Blinken is scheduled to meet with Marta Lucia Ramirez, Colombia’s Vice President, in the country’s capital on October 20.

The Havana Syndrome attack there seems to follow a pattern from Democrat Vice President Kamala Harris’ visit to Vietnam in August when her trip there from Singapore was delayed by several hours because two members of the American diplomatic mission in Hanoi went down with Havana Syndrome symptoms.

Explanations for the Havana Syndrome illness have ranged from microwave or sonic attacks by some American foe – say Russia, China, or Iran – to just plain and simple mass hysteria or “mass psychogenic illness.”

Kid targeted for the first time

According to a report by The Wall Street Journal, the latest cases in Colombia have caused even bigger concern for the US government since this time there is a child affected, together with the child’s entire family.

A source is quoted as saying that while the targeting of adults by whoever might be behind the Havana Syndrome attacks could be understandable, an attack which deliberately or “incidentally hitting kids should be a hard line.”

Some of the affected US diplomatic families in Bogota are staying in hotels before their apartments are tested by officials.

Before the attack in Hanoi, Vietnam, in August, the US personnel there reported hearing odd noises, which is by now deemed a typical feature of the Havana Syndrome.

The first symptoms of the disease in Colombia’s capital were recorded in September, and this month security officials started investigating “additional anomalous health incidents.”

According to an email obtained by the WSJ, US Ambassador to Colombia, Philip Goldberg, wrote that the US State Department would respond to the situation “seriously, with objectivity, and with sensitivity.”

It can only be imagined what a laugh America’s enemies are having after every Havana Syndrome attack – and if the mysterious concussion-like disease is somehow the result of “mass hysteria” that might even be a greater humiliation for the United States.

Whatever it is, by this point it has become obvious that the US government should work day and night to figure it out.