Democrat President Sleepy Joe Biden must be the most popular head of state in US history because he is just “awesome”, Fox News host Tucker Carlson, the highest-rated journalist in the American prime time, said in a scathingly sarcastic commentary on his show on Wednesday.

This much is clear from the “F**k Joe Biden!” – oops, sorry! – “Let’s go, Brandon!” chants at sports and other public events all around the country, Carlson said.

Biden has succeeded in uniting the nation

Describing the clueless and mumbling Sleepy Joe further as a “wise and eloquent” leader, the Fox News host says the chants regarding Biden are nothing short of “spontaneous eruptions of love” and a “cresting tsunami of support” for the Democrat occupant of the White House all across the nation.

After playing footage of “F**k Joe Biden” chants at football games in New Jersey, Oklahoma, Utah, and Mississippi, Carlson reminded how Sleepy Joe promised on his first day in office to unite the American nation.

“And now he’s actually doing it” – he is indeed uniting the country with the same emotion demonstrating his all-out unpopularity.

Tucker Carlson’s commentary was interspersed with ironic references to Russian President Vladimir Putin and the fact that Biden supporters often blame negative news coverage on Putin’s disinformation and fake news campaigns – simply because Joe Biden is so “popular” in his own right that it would only take a foreign intervention to mar his marvelous governance performance and sparkling leadership image.

Carlson sarcastically said that it must be Vladimir Putin who’s putting the “F**k Joe Biden” chants in the mouths of countless Americans across the country who otherwise have only “expressions of pure devotion” for Sleepy Joe.

Sadly, though, the “Russian disinformation” is effective.

The Fox News host then went on to pretend praise the by now infamous NBC reporter who at a NASCAR event, interviewing the winner, Brandon Brown, declared wisely that the chants heard – “F**k Joe Biden” were in fact “Let’s go, Brandon”.

Carlson said Americans can only be thankful to NBC News for having had a “credentialed representative” on-site at the NASCAR Event – because if she had not been there, Americans might have “misheard what the crowd said.”

The Fox News anchor then mocked the “thriving, incredibly robust” US economy under Joe Biden and the fact that there is no inflation.

Who is that “Brandon” guy?

Carlson then pained the portrait of that “Brandon” whose image the liberal leftist media propaganda machine is pushing – instead of the reality about America’s collapses under Sleepy Joe.

He describes the “Brandon” type as a wokeist and transgenderist, an illegal trans Haitian immigrant majoring in film at NYU, who is also a “non-binary rights activist” on a part-time basis.

“Brandon” also already received his fourth COVID-19 vaccine shot is and is about to go for his fifth, which makes him an “incredibly good person.”

So, Carlson concludes, nobody around America is chanting “F**k Joe Biden” – the Democrat president is the most popular of all.

Instead, all across the nation, people are shouting in support and tribute of this awesome wokeist, transgenderist, and Marxist “Brandon” character.