Facebook, the overarching “social media” Big Tech weapon the far left is armed with, is messing up the lives of Americans in many more than one way.

A new report has revealed that Facebook’s founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan practically got Democrat Sleepy Joe Biden into the White House – any suspicions of election manipulation aside – by giving a whopping $419.5 million to two “nonprofit organizations”, which in turn made hefty donations for the infrastructure and administering of the 2020 election in ways that tremendously favored Democrat counties.

$350 million to NGO with $1.4 million budget

The Zuckerbergs’ donations went to “The Center for Election Innovation and Research” (CEIR) and “The Center for Technology and Civic Life” (CTCL), according to a report by The Federalist.

The so-called Chan Zuckerberg Initiative gave CEIR a total of $64.2 million, which the NGO then distributed to a total of 22 states plus the District of Columbia.

The CTCL, however, received from Zuckerberg and Chan the mind-blowing $350 million in 2020, even though the organization’s 2018 budget was only a meager $1.4 million.

According to the report, the money was provided under specific conditions, under which CEIR and CTCL gave donations to local governments for the implementation of outreach programs, voting methods, administrative practices, and data sharing agreements.

The report demonstrates that two organizations were three times more likely to give Zuckerbergs’ funding to counties voting for Joe Biden than to pro-Trump counties.

This gave a very substantial boost to the Democrats in key swing states mainly by promoting election practices that substantially favored their election tally, including mail-in voting.

So much so for the fair 2020 election, regardless of whether there were actually election manipulations or not.

Among this surreptitious Facebook funding in Biden’s favor and the effects that the COVID-19 pandemic out of China had on the US economy for months before the vote, it is a wonder that President Donald Trump got even the massive result of 74 million votes.

The report revealing how the Zuckerbergs propelled Sleepy Joe Biden to the White House was immediately met with outrage by senior Republican figures.

Florida’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis lambasted Zuckerberg during a press conference for giving more than $400 million in Biden’s favor.

He pointed out that the conditions for the donations to CEIR and CTCL had them require ballot practices such as ballot harvesting, mass mail voting, and boosting the voter turnout in a partisan way – all of which DeSantis said is “totally unacceptable.”

He added that this was why his election reform “banned Zuckerbucks” in the state of Florida.

GOP Sen. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin – which appears to be among the states heavily targeted by CEIR and CTCL, declared he doubted that Zuckerberg’s 2020 election spending was legal.

Republican Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky asked in a tweet whether Mark Zuckerberg bought the presidential in Wisconsin.

Election bought, not stolen

According to the analysis of the Delaware-based Caesar Rodney Election Research Institute, Zuckerberg’s donations may have also boost the election turnout in the states of Arizona and Georgia, which were won by Biden by 10,000 and 12,000 voters, respectively, as per the official results.

The analysis’ main author, Dr. William Doyle, said the findings give reasons to describe the 2020 election as one that “while free, was not fair.”

He concluded that last year’s presidential election “was not stolen” – “it was likely bought” using funding that was “poured through legal loopholes.”

The revelation that Facebook, an already extremely perfidious business wreaking havoc on the lives of Americans from all walks of life and destroying the American democracy in many other ways, actually bought Biden’s election victory with its dirty money bodes more far left – big tech alliance horror for the United States.