Democrat President Sleepy Joe Biden’s incompetence was well known even to Democrats – but they didn’t mind having him in the White House as long as they were in power.

The problem is that his team doesn’t exactly excel in competence, either – and now everyone can see it.

The second problem is that against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic Sleepy Joe and his far-left-dominated administration, with their policies on huge government spending and other areas have contributed substantially to the twin spirals of skyrocketing inflation and supply chain issues.

So much so that Sleepy Joe now has another well-fitting name, “Empty Shelves Joe”, with #EmptyShelvesJoe becoming the number one hashtag on Twitter, accompanying photos of empty store shelves posted by users from all around the country to demonstrate the direct effects of the supply chain crisis.

Even as the White House made some effort to alleviate the situation with the vast shipping bottlenecks by asking Walmart, UPS, and FedEx to up their deliveries, and to get the Port of Los Angeles, the nation’s second-busiest port, to start working 24/7 – which it began to on Thursday – it will be a quite a while before those have any tangible reflections.

As the “EmptyShelvesJoe” hashtag emerged, right-wing commentator Jack Posobiec tweeted that it’s the top trending topic on Twitter, as did the Twitter account of the House Republicans, while President Donald Trump’s eldest son, Donald Trump Jr., commented bluntly: ‘Yikes!’

John Rich, the country music singer, tweeted in turn that Empty Shelves Joe has managed to mess up the US faster than anybody, but has at least unified the nation around the chant “Let’s go, Brandon”, the by now well-known euphemism for “F**k Joe Biden!”

A number of veteran shop owners from around the country have also tweeted photos of their stores’ empty shelves, saying they have never witnessed anything like this in decades of business experience.

Thanks, Empty Shelves Joe!

Some of the tweets are sarcastic “thank you”-s for the Biden administration from outraged shoppers who can’t find the products that they need simply because those products haven’t been delivered to the stores.

Others have pointed out that toilet paper is gone again from the store shelves as in the spring of 2020 – but this time not because of excess buying but because of supply chain and delivery problems.

“Biden has caused an economic crisis in America,” tweeted House Republicans Conference chair Elise Stefanik as she described how hard it is to find diapers for her newborn son, Sam, who was born on August 31.

Countless Americans are complaining that with just 72 days until Christmas, everything is in disarray, with skyrocketing prices: gas, airlines, heating, toy stores.

And except for the most delusional, deranged leftists out there, they are all aware of who is to blame for that: Empty Shelves Joe!