The utterly ridiculous postulates of gender identity politics and in particular transgenderism, a vile breed of Marxism targeting innocent American youth to brainwash them into thinking there are no such things as “men” and “women”, that nature and biology don’t really exist, and that you can just make up your own “gender” to stand out from the crowd, is making a mockery of life in the United States.

Thanks to the “gender” Marxists behind it, who have now become more empowered than ever thanks to the Biden administration and Big Tech online mob violence tools, everything is becoming absurd – from going to the bathroom to playing sports – simply because women, once the supposed “beneficiaries” of the earlier Marxist ideologies such as feminism, are now forced to pee and compete alongside biological men claiming to be “women” or whatever.

Common sense now requires law

A number of Republican-led states have taken common sense, natural order measures in order to try to curb this insanity, and on Thursday the Texas House of Representatives became the latest state legislature to adopt a special law to prohibit “transgender athletes” from participating in school sports on account on their “gender identity”, i.e. to prevent biological men to compete against women.

Not just because it’s plain wrong but also because the former have an unfair physical advantage against the latter – as many top female athletes have already experienced it firsthand around the country.

It’s sad that what used to be self-explanatory – that men compete against other men, and women against other women – now requires a special law!

The Texas bill called “Title HB 25” was passed only with the votes of the conservatives in the state House, while all Democrats voted against it, for a 76-54 vote, and that was only over 10 hours of high-charged debate, The Daily Mail reported.

The bill needs to be approved by the Texas Senate to become a law, and that is expected to happen as the Senate has already approved similar legislation before, with the Republicans having a majority there as well.

A total of eight states, all of them with Republican-dominated legislatures, have already enacted laws against the participation of “transgender athletes”, i.e. biological men, in women’s sports.

A ninth state, South Dakota, has done the same with an executive order to that end by its GOP Governor, Kristi Noem, signed in March.

When the Texas Senate adopts House Bill 25, and it is signed by Governor Greg Abbott, it will become the tenth state protecting women in sports from unfair competition by biological males.

Women have been forgotten

The Democrat defenders of transgenderism in the Texas House kept arguing how the new law will affect negatively the “transgender and LGBTQ youth” in the state – apparently being oblivious of the fact that how transgenderism in sports is affective negatively a lot more women.

Forget about women, and feminism, the former radicalism frontrunner!

Nowadays, the transgenderist Marxists want to have us believe that if you are normal, you are “lame”, and the more “nonbinary” – whatever the hell that is – you are, the better and cooler you are.

This is precisely a huge part of the message with which they are trying to brainwash America’s children.

That is why responsible, patriotic, i.e. conservative forces are taking measures to prevent monstrosities such as the biological men competing against women.