Nothing in the world can be peskier than a Communist who’s seen the prospect of benefiting from state coffers.

The Commies in their various reincarnations are drawn to the pork barrel spending of taxpayer dollars like a moth to a flame or like bees to honey.

‘We’ll get less than that!’

It is this eternal damnation-type desire to spend other people’s money that moved Vermont Communist comrade Bernie Sanders to propose to President Sleepy Empty Shelves Joe Biden and the rest of the Democrat gang a whopping $6 trillion communist state spending bill.

Apparently, even many in the rank and file of the Democrats thought this way too excessive so it was refashioned into the modest $3.5 trillion spending bill with the moronic title “Build Back Better”, which is supposed to be Biden’s “signature” bill, after in February the Democrats passed a $1.9 trillion COVID-19 pandemic relief bill, and have the so-called bipartisan infrastructure bill of $1.2 trillion now in the waiting.

In essence, the administration of Empty Shelves Joe and the Congress of the liberal leftist empress of the House Nancy have been eager to toss out trillions in taxpayer dollars like a handful of candy at a group of Halloween trick-or-treating kids – except the group of kids is their own party, and they’re gobbling up the trillion-dollar candy so fast there’s an urgent need for more and more to be brought out of the state coffers closet – with no regard what might be left in there.

That’s why it comes as a tremendous shock to many of Nancy and Joe’s Commie kids, and Nancy and Joe themselves – when some Democrat Senators with some leftover dignity, integrity, and common sense – ostensibly Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema – have been adamantly opposed to such lavish squandering of state money.

Apparently, these common-sense leftovers in the Democratic Party have prevailed because on Friday, Empty Shelves Joe himself admitted defeat by telling – pay attention! – a child care center in the state of Connecticut that the $3.5 trillion bills will have to be shrunk.

With a bleeding heart, like the rest of the Commies, Sleepy Joe declared that “we’re not going to get $3.5 trillion” but “less than that.”

What a tragedy for the political pork barrel spending industry of the radicalizing leftism in the United States of America!

‘We’ll get the rest!’

Of course, awfully pesky as the Commies are, Biden added that “we are going to come back” and “we will get the rest.”

So who exactly is “we”?

We the comrades, apparently.

There is nothing more important to a Communist than taking advantage of power for personal gain: that’s their top prerogative and always will be.

By definition, they believe themselves better than the “people masses” because they fight for made-up ideals – which sets them apart from those masses, and thus makes them entitled to certain privileges that can’t be imaginable for the common populace.

As Biden visited the Capitol Child Development Center in Connecticut where he creepily hugged toddlers and dramatically pondered whether to cut down on child care or community colleges, there were protesters, supporters of President Donald Trump, outside who chanted, ‘Let’s Go, Brandon!’, oops, nope, sorry, they were chanting the non-euphemistic “F**k Joe Biden!”