Since occupying the White House and the federal government in January, the administration of Democrat President Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden has managed to get close to 1.5 million Third World people into the United States – by both erasing the US-Mexican border and staging a humiliating US defeat in Afghanistan and bringing over dozens of thousands of random Afghans.

Boosting illegal immigration as much as possible

While under President Donald Trump the US-Mexican border was the most secure that it had been in decades, under Sleepy Empty Shelves Joe, for all practical purposes, it has just been erased from the map.

Not only the usual suspects from Mexico and the Central American countries are now crossing at will but also Haitians who already had lived in Chile and Brazil have followed them, and now, according to latest reports, even “middle-class” migrants from South American countries are in for a new life in the US – simply because the wokeist and Marxist Biden gang has made it so easy cross and settle in America – all you need to do is reach the Southern Border.

Against that backdrop, a long time ago Sleepy Joe tipped his abysmal veep, Kamala Harris, to be his administration’s point person on the illegal immigration border crisis.

It’s hard to say who’s more incompetent between Joe and Kamala.

Each of them is achieving new previous unimaginable levels of incompetence every single day.

All Kamala Harris did about the illegal immigration influx was nothing plus chuckling like a hyena.

Oh, she did get to go to Mexico and one of the Central American countries and come back with nothing.

Nevertheless, one of the Biden stooges, Karine Jean-Pierre, his deputy press secretary, has just found the cheek to actually praise Kamala Harris for “some progress made” and for doing “a tremendous job” on the border.

Remember Biden’s pathetic press secretary Jen Psaki – well, that’s her deputy, Jean-Pierre, and she might be even more pathetic.

Jean-Pierre said “the vice president has done a tremendous job” when she was talking to reporters on Air Force 1 on Friday.

She also claimed that Kamala has done many important “bilateral engagements” with the Central American countries, and has given them humanitarian aid so they can “deal with the root causes [of illegal immigration to the United States].

Just look how that’s worked out!

Kamala is just so tremendous

Jean-Pierre obnoxiously insisted that “it’s not a light switch” and “it” will take time, and in the meantime, the tremendous Kamala is going to tremendously continue to do a tremendous job with all of her tremendousness.

She will just continue to work so tremendously!

How can you even doubt Kamala and her commitment to tremendousness, ha!?

But of course, Kamala has been doing a tremendous job on the border!

Her actions and inaction have intensified tremendously the influx of illegal immigrants from the Third World into the United States!

And this is what the Democrats and the far-left wokeist Marxists dominating their party actually want.

They want to destroy the American republic, freedom, and democracy, and replace them with far-left totalitarianism!

And flooding America with illegal Third World people mi