The administration of Democrat President Sleepy Empty Shelves Joe Biden has not just caused a massive spike in inflation over the past few months but it also appears to be not swayed at all by the inflation trouble it has created, and may even be proud of it.

After all, in the world of the hardcore Marxists, which appear to dominate the Biden administration, the creation of “revolutionary conditions” is “good”, by whatever means.

In their mindset and their agenda of seeking to replace the American republic with an all-out far-left totalitarian dictatorship, this only means that they are winning.

Ah, the high-class problem

That’s how, we’ve ended up with one of the most moronic remarks to have ever come out of the Biden administration – and the competition is very tough because there have been so many of those – when Biden’s absolutely disheartening Chief of Staff, Ron Klain, recently tweeted that the spike of inflation is only a “high-class problem”.

Can you believe that?

So according to the twisted Marxist brain of Ron Klain, the upper classes are more affected by inflation than the struggling lower classes.

A similar note – in defense of inflation, or at least of the Empty Shelves Joe’s administration being nonchalant about it – has been exhibited by Biden’s obnoxiously pathetic press secretary Jen Psaki.

Psaki had the cheek to tell Jake Tapper on Friday, a host of the leftist propaganda machine known as CNN, that the fact that prices are growing is a “good thing.”

Psaki’s deranged argument was based on her narrating about the economic situation in 2020, “a year ago”, when people were driving and didn’t have jobs to go to, respectively couldn’t afford to buy things – whereas now, more of them work, are buying things, which is driving the demand – and “that’s a good thing.”

That is like saying that one’s lingering consequences from a debilitating disease are good because a while back that person had an actual fit of that disease, and was confined to a bed.

That’s good

Then Psaki sounded almost enlightened when she kept explaining how since “we are coming out of the pandemic” and a number of industries were shut down, there is a shortage of goods, and “ports aren’t functioning” as well as they should.

The latter, of course, is the making almost entirely of the Biden administration and could have easily been foreseen.

Never mind to Sleepy Empty Shelves Joe and his gang – Psaki just claimed that “we’re working through all these things.”

Then she added that the fact inflation is skyrocketing “is a good thing” because it “shows we are coming out of the recession.”

So next time you are struggling to pay your bills or buy groceries remember that Empty Shelves Joe’s secretary has told you that’s a good thing.