The outrageously suspicious “artistic endeavors” of Democrat President Empty Shelves Joe Biden’s infamous son Hunter Biden – in which he is selling questionable works for up to $500,000 apiece in a potential clean hideaway for political corruption – have already shocked the nation.

Or at least those American patriots who’ve cared enough to look at what the presidential prodigal son has been busy with – apart from his highly dubious international business dealings in China and Ukraine, likely carried out with the blessing of his back-then-less-senile father, his drug-infested drunken binges with Las Vegas prostitutes, and his marriages to his deceased brothers’ widows.

Hunter Biden and crooked as hell

Nevertheless, President Donald Trump has now found a new and rather witty way of exposing the “artistic fraud” that is the promiscuous Biden kid.

In his latest statement, Trump declared that even though he has never really painted before – and neither had Hunter – but “Hunter has inspired me” to start painting pictures.

The 45th President of the United States adds that he always thought he had talent, and could be making at least “$2 million dollars per canvas”, and likely much more.

“I will start immediately,” Trump declared, then quickly adding, “Our country is crooked as hell!” – apparently referring to whatever backstage dealings might be behind the whopping expensive sales of Hunter Biden’s “art”.

Suspicions have been circulating that the payments of between $75,000 and $500,000 per piece of Hunter’s artistic products could be concealed bribery payments to incur favors with his father.

FBI’s McCabe and another mockery of America

In his latest statement, President Trump also condemned the Biden Department of Justice for completely restoring the “benefits, pensions, salary, etc.” of Andrew McCabe, the scandalous former Director of the FBI.

McCabe was sacked back in 2018 a day before his retirement by Trump’s then-Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, because of allegations that he had lied with respect to the leaking of Hillary Clinton’s usage of a private email server when she was the secretary of state in the Obama administration.

Trump called the decisions of the Justice Department for Andrew McCabe just “terrible” and “yet another mockery to our Country.”

He claimed that McCabe’s wife who failed in a run for the Virginia state Senate back in 2015 as a Democrat had gotten hundreds of thousands of dollars in campaign funding from Hillary Clinton.

Trump lamented the “bad chapter” for the FBI involving McCabe.

Trump added that the outrageous government abuses in the United States might be complemented next with everyone getting a $500,000 “beautiful Hunter Biden inspired painting.”