Democrat President Sleepy Empty Shelves Joe Biden sure knows how to pick ’em!

As though it wasn’t enough that his administration is packed by vicious modern-day American Marxists of the wokeist and transgenderist persuasion, but he actually thought it might be a great idea to add one of the real-life Moscow-bred Soviet Union-relic Communists.

And he sure found one!

Empty Shelves Joe, a very Soviet Union-sounding nickname that he has acquired thanks to his supply chain crisis, by the way, has nominated for Comptroller of the Currency of his administration Saule Omarova, an ardent Soviet-born Moscow-educated “former” communist, presently a professor at Cornell University.

Omarova was born in the Kazakh Soviet Socialist Republic, today’s Kazakhstan, and graduated from Moscow State University, where she was a diligent young Commie in the Komsomol, the “Communist Youth”, in 1989, before coming for a semester to the US in 1991 and staying permanently.

Omarova is known for her praise of the Soviet Union, including in 2019 when she extolled the murderous killer communist empire, today succeeded by Russia and 14 other countries, because of its lack of a “gender pay gap.”

For whatever reason, though, Omarova is hanging around in the United States, and not in Russia, Kazakhstan, or maybe Belarus or North Korea, which seem to have best preserved the “Soviet model” – there’s certainly no gender pay in those countries.

One of the top characteristics of the Soviet and other brands of Commies has always been extolling communism while seeking to live or at least sent their children to live in the “decaying West” – and Omarova is no exception.

It’s also appalling that this kind of a Soviet person is teaching American students at Cornell University but having her in charge of supervising the American banking institutions as the Comptroller of the Currency, an independent agency in the Treasury Department, is really taking it to the next level.

Well thought, Empty Shelves Joe! When in doubt, put a perfidious real Soviet Commie in charge of American banks!

She couldn’t be bothered

For the time being, Omarova hasn’t been confirmed and appointed, and hopefully will not be.

Notably, though, she appears to be refusing to reveal her graduation thesis from Moscow State University even though Senator Pat Toomey (R-PA) from US Senate Banking Committee asked her last week to present a copy in both Russian and English.

Toomey wants the committee to be able to review her thesis which is known to have been entitled “Karl Marx’s Economic Analysis and Revolution Theory in ‘The Capital’”.

The deadline for providing it was October 13, and a Senate Banking Committee spokesman has told Fox News that Omarova hasn’t complied with the request.

Sly, perfidious Commie

On October 6, upon making the request for her thesis, Sen. Pat Toomey wrote that Omarova seems to have “deleted any reference” to her senior thesis in her resume on the website of the Cornell Law School although it was listed there in a version from April 2017.

Amanda Gonzalez Thompson, the spokesperson of the Senate Banking Committee, blasted Omarova for having the time “to attack Republicans” in a Financial Times interview while “she can’t bother” to heed to the Senators’ request.

In her interview for The Financial Times published on Thursday, hardened and ardent Commie Omarova played the victim card by claiming that the Republicans are “demonizing” her because she happens to be “an immigrant, a woman, a minority”.

Now, how’s that for an Old-School Marxist-Leninist playing the field of American wokeist and gender identity Marxism, ha?

The Commie lady’s got talent.

Of course, she shyly avoided to focus on her Commie credentials, or the fact that Sen. Pat Toomey in particular has declared that her national, racial, etc. background doesn’t matter.

The problem is that she has advocated “profoundly misguided” banking system policies in the past.

Evidently, Omarova is as sly as the next Soviet Commie apparatchik, and it is scary to think that Empty Shelves Joe might succeed in putting her in charge of American banks’ supervision.